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    • By smurf_john
      We anticipate this week will bring a last round of major changes, and then everything should calm back down once again- which I think all of us are looking forward to.
      Here is what you can expect;
      737, 747 and 777 product lines will all get another round of installer replacements in order to wrap up changes triggered by the wide array of updates we have pushed over the past two months.  We anticipate that this will be the last round of mandatory installer updates, as we finally have stability where we want it and feel that mixing base installation and micro update processes will not create confusion for customers and tech support. 747 and 777 product lines are getting an update to provide additional debugging diagnostic information to assist technical support in solving problem reports. 747 and 777 product lines are getting some additional functionality to allow affected customers to gracefully avoid the "captains pfd popup CTD" . All product lines are getting a bit of cleanup and tweaking based on our work of the past couple of weeks. https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/515737-23jul-what-to-expect-this-week/