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prepar3d / fsx List add-ons FSX/P3D to run over a network

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Hi all!

I've got a question that's on my mind for quite some time and I can't seem to find an answer. Is there a list out there of program's/add-ons for FSX / P3D we can run over a network? And if there isn't, maybe we should create one here on the forum like the ultimate P3Dv4 add-on list. The thing is, I'm about to build me a new dedicated flight sim pc. I would like to run anything I can on an 'old' laptop and use this as a client pc to relieve the load on my new pc and run is as a sim server.

The programs I'm using and the ones I know of that can be run on a client pc, such as weather, ATC, flight planning and other add-ons and utilities, are:

  • Airhauler 1 / 2
  • AS16 & ASCA
  • PFPX
  • EFB

Also, which ones can be run on both Windows 7 and 10, as I've seen messages that some software is not compatible with Windows 10.

I'm sure this is not a complete list out there. So let's create a list of add-ons we can run on a client pc and one of add-ons the MUST be run on a sim server.

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I've had this come up a few times in recent months and my advice is going to ruffle some old guard feathers but its there. Not aimed at anyone just a vent haha

Personally, Advice is simply this, if you are buying a new multi-core PC with GPU and running modern software, why do you need to go the complex route of off-loading like pre multi-core days compared to just going the easier slightly less complex route of configuring correctly and setting up a modern single system?

Years gone by the network route was great but hardware and software has moved on quite a bit since then, enough to essentially make almost all the pros of doing such a setup now non-existent or at least on a par with a single system whilst requiring a shed load more energy and potential troubleshooting when it all goes balls up.

This stuff tends to be a grind my gears situation (Wheres N00dle) because its similar to the mythical annoying stuff that floated around fs land in which peiople where installing the sim outside of the default location to try to avoid issues rather than simply understand windows folder options and correctly click a couple clicks ot set the sim up correctly in its default position whilst also understanding a little more about ones own computer and its operation. *insert grindy teeth sound here* 

Ignore everything ive said if you are gonna stream, and want a stream pc, but otherwise for fs alone the energy can be better spent making sure the single system is the best it can be and the system is setup correctly, plenty of cores, memory and GPU can in 2017 serve better than a couple mid range or lower systems hacked and slashed together to try to perform as good as one top end computer.

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Lewis, you've got a point regarding building a new pc. Maybe it's not necessary at this time, but who know's where we are in a couple of years. P3Dv4 with 64-bit is not necessarily the holy grail to prevent OOM's for the long term if developers keep pushing the envelope. Like it was discussed in the podcast, I like to run certain add-ons over a network, like Airhauler, PFPX and AS16, so I can have my laptop next to me and I don't have to switch applications and exit the sim. Just my preference. Other simmers from the community may not have a top end system and my have the same question I had. I enjoyed the discussion in the podcast on why and why not people choose to run add-ons over a netwerk. Whether or not you choose this approach, I still think creating a list will help people making a well though through decision what's best for there system.

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Here is what I use on my Client-PC:


Project Magenta = PJ Sounds - PJ Systems - PJ Ga Glass

SimToutchPlus2 - unfortunately, the moving map no longer works as Microsoft killed Bing Maps, but all others windows work great.

Rex Plus OD HD also works but I rarely use it.


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