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Ivana Fly

orbx NZWR (Whangarei) Preview Screenshots

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I can't seem to post in the "Introducing" thread, so I've stared another one ...


Alex has excelled again with NZWR - it's absolutely, jaw-droppingly, *stunning*:


Starting with my favourite shot:





The airport has masses of detail ...



... with a few heliports thrown in ...


If NZMF is the showcase for NZSI, then NZWR has to be the one for NZNI. I could fill a hard-drive with screenshots: this is just a tiny sample - there are *loads* of local POIs and landmarks (I'm sure you'll be seeing them posted soon)!




Arrrgh ... can't stop!! Here's a few more ...




Believe it or not -- that DC-3 is a static object!



Watch this space!


BTW, folks, if you don't see any replies from me, it's because (for some reason) I can't make any replies in this part of the forum. I'll try and find out what's going on ...



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