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skyblog Pacsim - Salt Lake City for V4 - REVIEW

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Hi all!

Just thought I would take some time to review - quick and dirty review - one of my most recent purchase: Pacsim Salt Lake City for P3Dv4.

I was eyeing this scenery for quite a while now as it is one of Delta's hub and I fly Delta a lot on Prepar3D. The city is a nice hop from San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vegas, Denver and Phoenix yet my first flight into Salt Lake City was from Atlanta, a little over 4hrs drive.

Now, the scenery installation process is really simple! Once the payment is made, you receive an email with the serial number as well as the .exe file. For the installation, you also need to have three other .bin files available from their website. 

The scenery is beautiful and the approach with the downtown part that has been modeled really creates a sweet ambiance. The modelling of the surrounding mountains also attracts the attention. Performance wise, I have a fairly good, average system and had 50FPS on downwind, down to 30FPS on final and in around the apron. For me, performance was slightly better than what I have in Minneapolis (FlightBeam) and Paris (Taxi2Gate)


  • Good performance;
  • Good modelling of the surrounding mountains;
  • Beautiful modelling of the terminals;
  • Downtown is very well modeled;
  • Inside of terminal is modeled!

There were, however, some downsides...


  • Clear demarcation of scenery textures on the outskirt of the scenery coverage (see picture below)
  • Markings on the ground (font used for the taxi-in lines)
  • Gates could have used more weathering!
  • No dynamic lighting;
  • Weird bushes around the runways;
  • The scenery as a whole just feels like it was rushed through completion.

You can see in this picture the airport and downtown on downwind for runway 16L.

2017 11 18 16 51 40 661


The clear demarcation between the snow textures and the Flight Sim default (ORBX) textures... Look near the lagoon at the top right of the windshield, it's ugly!

2017 11 18 16 54 36 946


You can see the bushes on the left side of the threshold which is very unfortunate as it isn't realistic... Also look right of the runway... it is supposed to be grass inbetween the runway and the apron but it shows as a dark dark concrete texture which we're not too sure if it's dark grass or not. From far away, it looks like the texture that is supposed to go there never loaded.

2017 11 18 16 58 48 312


The B13 signs is a little jagged, as the R of 34R and 16R markings on the runway.

2017 11 18 17 2 44 244


Look at the font used for the aircraft parking spots! It looks like a popular Times New Roman font... I'm not sure this is the real font used in real life!

2017 11 18 17 3 24 269


Overview of the airport (very empty without AI traffic!) I felt lonely!

2017 11 18 17 49 47 505


You can see the downtown in the background, the famous bushes in and around the taxiways and finally, one of the reason that lead me to believe that they rush through making the scenery: look at the taxiway near runway 14, the tarmac textures switch seems odd to me...

2017 11 18 17 50 27 860

In conclusion, for $28USD (including 20% off) I would have expected more quality. I feel like the scenery was rushed through completion and is short of what would have been an amazing scenery. $28USD is the price for an amazing ORBX/FlightBeam scenery but I just cannot seem to find that the overall quality of this scenery equates what I could have for the same price with other scenery makers. I find that it is a hefty price for what it is but I'm still happy with my purchase and would recommend. After all, this is the only scenery available for Salt Lake City.

Note that after exchanging emails with Graham, they are planning to do an updated version of the scenery that will reflect all the renovations they are doing at this airport at the moment. He said that it should be coming around end of 2018 and this one would probably include dynamic lighting. In this version, however, he said that dynamic lighting would affect performance too much and that's why it's not in.


LINK TO SOURCE: http://www.islandsim.com/index.html

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What a GREAT writeup thanks for taking the time! I have this scenery and quite like it. Performance is great, very likely that way to due lower quality texturing.

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