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Ivana Fly

cargospotter BOEING 777 super close-up LANDING and DEPARTURE (4K)

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Yesterday a Boeing 777-300 of Turkish Airlines visited my home airport Düsseldorf. It was a very welcom upgrade cause sinde Emirates upgraded both Boeing 777 flights to A380 ops we don` t have regular Boeing 777 operations at Düsseldorf anymore.

At the end of the holidays Turkish Airlines upgrades its Airbus A330-300 flight to a Boeing 777 to deal with increased demand.

This was the first time I used my new external microphone. My sound was the most critisized aspect in the comment section under my videos and I wasn` t satisfied with my sound quality aswell. That` s why I decided to changed it in 2018. I can` t remove the stree behind me though :D.

Thanks for watching.


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