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real-world This jet fighter is a disaster, but Congress keeps buying it

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Here's a novel idea. How bout all of these naysayers look at every major U.S. military weapon system over the years and see how many of them were overbudget and behind schedule. Plenty!  Everyone wants a strong military but no one wants to hear about costs, overruns..etc. You cant have one without the other.

Every major weapon system will have cost overruns and such period. There will be lives lost in development as well for anything that takes to the air. We saw people whine and bitch about the Osprey right and yet its fully integrated into the military and NO ONE is bitching about it now. It had overruns, high costs and lost life and yet here it is in employment.

Every new weapon system design that is an absolute new concept will have issues period. There will be new technologies on top of that to fully take advantage of it as well, that needs refinement. People act as though the Military system is supposed to shit out a new design and have all of the kinks worked out day one...get over yourself.

And for the F-35 bashers, STFU. If your going to bitch about every new aircraft then we will have ZERO cutting edge weapon systems. And we will have airframes that will suffer due to age and or technologies that are just dated.


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I agree research and development are not  waste, imagine if NASA didn't exist we wouldn't have the Digital World.  

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