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  4. The world's largest plane, Stratolaunch, could be just months away from its first flight. The aircraft - which is the vision of Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen - has a wingspan longer than a football field and comes equipped with two cockpits, 28 wheels and six engines normally used to power 747 jumbo jets. SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-6080013/The-worlds-biggest-plane-inches-closer-takeoff.html
  5. Just Flight's superbly detailed Hawk T1/A Advanced Trainer for X-Plane 11 features PBR materials with real-time environment reflections, 4096 x 4096 textures, 12 paint schemes, numerous animations, realistic lighting and custom sounds with a pop-up window for sound mixing. Both the front and rear pilot positions are modelled and the aircraft features a truly 3D virtual cockpit with smoothly animated 3D instruments, fully functional IFR-capable avionics, authentic HUD and custom-coded electrical and hydraulic systems. https://www.justflight.com/product/hawk-t1a-advanced-trainer-xplane-11SOURCE
  6. --------------------------- SIMstarter NG Release Notes --------------------------- --- 12.08.2018 - v1.8.3 rev. 1 [FEATURE] LiveryMGR - Thumbnail Size can be switched from small to large [FEATURE] SimCfg MGR - (P3Dv4.3) Added tweak "MaxRegionsPurgePerFrame" [FEATURE] Startposition - Added feature to show which BGL files are used for an airport [BUGFIX] LiveryMGR - Livery not detected correctly in some cases [BUGFIX] Sound Setting - (P3Dv4.x) Voice Sound Slider caused wrong values --- 27.07.2018 - v1.8.2 rev. 5 [BUGFIX] Program - Fixed an issue "No connection to the internet" [BUGFIX] Program - Fixed an issue that SIMstarter NG cannot update any more [BUGFIX] SimObjects - Double entries in SimObjects Manager --- 21.07.2018 - v1.8.1 rev. 15 [CHANGED] SimObjects - All SimObject path are enabled as DEFAULT! To save loading time please disable AI folders like 'IVAO_MTL', 'UTL', 'MyTraffic', e.g. [CHANGED] SimConfig - (P3Dv4.3) Added "Information" > "Message Text" Option [BUGFIX] Fileswitcher - Preset Aerosoft Stuttgart Professional (P3Dv4) wrong path [BUGFIX] SimConfig - (P3D) change Paricles to Particles --- 27.06.2018 - v1.8.0 rev. 1 [FEATURE] General - Compatible with PREPAR3D v4.3 --- 31.05.2018 - v1.7.3 rev. 10 [BUGFIX] LiveryMGR - Fixed CTD if [Section.01] contains no numeric value [BUGFIX] SceneryMGR - Fixed bug where asking to save changes after deleting a Scenery ConfigSet [CHANGED] Programsettings - SimObjects enlarged the Checked List Box and corrected Anchor --- 21.04.2018 - v1.7.3 rev. 9 [BUGFIX] Config Editor - Fixed CTD if VAR=VALUE already exists in another section (thanks to dufflepod) --- 16.04.2018 - v1.7.3 rev. 8 [BUGFIX] Run ConfigSet - SIMstarter NG does not close after profile start --- 15.04.2018 - v1.7.3 rev. 7 [BUGFIX] LiveryMGR - Some aircrafts had no thumbnail [CHANGED] Programsettings - SimObjects Listbox has horizontal scrolling now --- 15.04.2018 - v1.7.3 [FEATURE] RunConfig - Added "close" method to close applications like "JeeHell Starter.exe" including sub programs [FEATURE] Profiles - List of Aircrafts sorted by name [CHANGED] Aircrafts - Optimized procedure to read in aircraft details (for better performance) [CHANGED] Programsettings - (P3Dv4) Aircrafts will only be shown in Aircraft Selection if they are chosen in Program settings > Platform specific settings > SimObjects (DON'T SELECT ALL - read manual for details) [BUGFIX] SimObjects - (P3Dv4) Add-on.xml releated path lost when restarting SIMstarter NG [BUGFIX] SimConfig - (P3Dv4) Sound Options "Voice" did not changed to enabled in some special cases [BUGFIX] SimObject MGR - (P3Dv4) New path will not be saved in some cases [BUGFIX] Livery MGR - Numbering of aircrafts fixed (can cause faulty aircraft.cfg files) [BUGFIX] Startposition - Fixed Startposition for Helipads issue (Peru) --- 17.03.2018 - v1.7.2 [CHANGED] General - Switched from http to https Connection [BUGFIX] SimConfigSet - (P3Dv4) Disabled Sounds not worked correct [BUGFIX] Startposition - Wrong start positions for some airports (EGLC, EGLL, e.g.) [BUGFIX] GoogleEarth - GoogleEarth Export CTD "length" --- 11.03.2018 - v1.7.1 [BUGFIX] GoogleEarth - Google Earth Export "length" error message fixed [BUGFIX] SceneryMGR - Index Error when saving a ScenerySet --- 03.03.2018 - v1.7.0 [FEATURE] SimConfigBackup - Limit can be configured by users (Program settings > SimConfig Backup Warning threshold) - Default 500 MB [FEATURE] RunManager - Added "Copy items to other RunSet" [CHANGED] Profiles - Control definition files will be searched in MyDocuments\<YOUR SIM FILES> as well [BUGFIX] Aircrafts - Some aircrafts are not visible within SIMstarter NG (containing TAB inside sections) [BUGFIX] AddOnXml - (P3Dv4) Fixed Layer selection is disabled when adding new add-on categories --- 24.02.2018 - v1.6.10 [BUGFIX] SceneryMGR - (P3Dv4) Add-On.xml shown in wrong order [BUGFIX] AddOnXml - (P3Dv4) Fixed issue that path detection incorrect [BUGFIX] MakeRwys - (P3Dv4) Create MakeRwys_Scenery.cfg fixed [BUGFIX] SceneryMGR - (P3Dv4) Scenery Order wrong if using add-on.xml based sceneries [BUGFIX] SceneryMGR - (P3Dv4) SceneryMGR shows Active if older fragment in Scenery CfgSet found [BUGFIX] SceneryMGR - (P3Dv4) Spelling issue "Insert below" [CHANGED] MakeRwys - (P3Dv4) Enhanced logging for Create MakeRwys_Scenery.cfg --- 14.02.2018 - v1.6.9 [FEATURE] P3Dv4 - Compatible with P3Dv4.2 [CHANGED] General - Use a copy of scenery.cfg before set all Active=True [CHANGED] General - Airport Export logging optimized [BUGFIX] Platformdialog - Wrong behavior [BUGFIX] AddOnXml - (P3Dv4) Window does not resize correct [BUGFIX] SceneryConfig - (P3Dv4) Scenery is "disabled" if older fragment in Scenery CfgSet found [BUGFIX] Startposition - AddOn Airports detection issue [BUGFIX] Profiles - Profiles stay in wrong color [BUGFIX] MAKERWYS - File not replaced if newer version found --- 03.02.2018 - v1.6.8 [FEATURE] GoogleEarth - Google Earth Export Airports: added available Runways in KML file (including ILS information) [FEATURE] Scenery - (P3Dv4) New Dialog (Tools > Switch scenery.cfg in 3rd Party Mode)to create a scenery.cfg containing all add-on.xml scenery [CHANGED] AddOnXml - (P3Dv4) Relative path "." will be replaced by the complete path of the add-on [CHANGED] AddOnXml - (P3Dv4) All tabs are using the same Font [CHANGED] AddOnXml - Startposition Dialog use all filters if "Add-On Airports only" has been checked [BUGFIX] SunEffect - (P3Dv3.4) suneffect.cfg has wrong file encoding (UNICODE instead of UTF8) [BUGFIX] AddOnXml - (P3Dv4) If the add-on.xml is not SDK compliant SIMstarter did not select the right category in some cases [BUGFIX] AddOnXml - (P3Dv4) Adding a new add-on.xml can cause file access issue [BUGFIX] AddOnXml - (P3Dv4) Changing Category settings does not affect the add-on.xml [BUGFIX] General - Strange behavior if [ and ] characters are used within filenames [BUGFIX] Saved Flights - Solved issue when a saved flight contains a flight plan that does not exist any more --- 22.01.2018 - v1.6.7 [BUGFIX] SceneryMGR - (P3Dv4) If a Scenery is based on add-on.xml file which contains multiple categories "Scenery" only the complete file including all Sceneries can be disabled/enabled [BUGFIX] SceneryMGR - (P3Dv4) Scenery Overview used from color if entry is based on add-on.xml [BUGFIX] SceneryMGR - (P3Dv4) Color code does not match in some cases [CHANGED] AddOnXml - (P3Dv4) Please Wait Banner added if many add-on.xml [CHANGED] AddOnXml - (P3Dv4) Only shows files that are part of the add-ons.cfg files (former read PREPAR3D v4 Add-Ons in addition) to save performance if many add-ons are in use --- 14.01.2018 - v1.6.6 [BUGFIX] AddOnXml - (P3Dv4) Adaptive logic does not work when using more then one SceneryConfig Sets and add-on.xml [BUGFIX] SceneryMGR - (P3Dv4) "Run SceneryMGR at Profile start" didn't work with add-on.xml based scenery [BUGFIX] SceneryMGR - (P3Dv4) Add-On.xml based scenery becomes "light green" instead of "dark green" when reactivating [BUGFIX] SceneryMGR - (P3Dv4) ScenerySet ConfigManager shows scenery "enabled" while it's disabled by Add-On.xml Manager [BUGFIX] SceneryMGR - ReadOnly Scenery Items are not allowed to apply to all Scenery ConfigSets --- 04.01.2018 - v1.6.5.3 [BUGFIX] AddOnXml - (P3Dv4) does not save category "scripts" --- 03.01.2018 - v1.6.5 [FEATURE] SceneryMGR - (P3Dv4) Scenery Areas from add-on.xml can be disabled from Scenery Manager [FEATURE] Fileswitcher - "Check all items" checkbox for SwitchSets added [BUGFIX] ActiveSky - (P3Dv4) Wrong sections have been used. Please go to Active Sky ConfigManager and resave your ConfigSet. [BUGFIX] ActiveSky - In some cases the historic date has not been parsed correctly [BUGFIX] DebugPack - Size of DebugPack reduced by excluding 'simCfgBackup' folder [BUGFIX] Fileswitcher - Unable to switch files if .bgl and .offBySIMstarterNG was available (needed for ORBX GEN/GES) [BUGFIX] Startposition - Wrong LAT in some cases --- 12.11.2017 - v1.6.4 [FEATURE] GoogleEarth - Google Earth Export Excludes enhanced. To use them go to Settings > Google Earth Export Settings > Click "Reset" button in lower left corner of the dialog [BUGFIX] Aircrafts - Auto update has not been disabled in some cases [BUGFIX] SimConfig - (P3Dv4) Weather Tab had wrong order. Added "Detailed Precipitation" and "Windshield Precipitation Effects" [BUGFIX] SimConfig - (P3Dv4) BroadcastGPSData option added --- 29.10.2017 - v1.6.3 [FEATURE] Aircrafts - Auto update aircraft list can be disabled in "Settings" now [CHANGED] Startposition - ICAO Code is upper case now [CHANGED] Startposition - City and Country order changed [CHANGED] GoogleEarth - Export is based on Scheme file now [CHANGED] Add-On.xml MGR - (P3Dv4) Error handling improved if no add-on.xml exists but part of add-ons.cfg --- 17.10.2017 - v1.6.2 [BUGFIX] MakeRwys - (P3Dv4) CTD if Scenery has no Layer --- 17.10.2017 - v1.6.1 [BUGFIX] RunManager - Clicking "Test" causes "file not found" message [BUGFIX] MakeRwys - Updated MakeRwys to Version [CHANGED] MakeRwys - Logging improved [CHANGED] DebugPack - (P3Dv4) Add-On.xml files included --- 09.10.2017 - v1.6.0 [FEATURE] PREPAR3D v4.1 - Support for PREPAR3D v4.1 added [BUGFIX] Fileswitcher - A new SwitchSet will be auto saved before switching files [BUGFIX] Fileswitcher - If a .bgl and .offBySIMstarterNG file exists the file has been shown as green (not the case because there is a .bgl left) --- 04.10.2017 - v1.5.2 [FEATURE] Profile - (P3Dv4) Position Freeze added [BUGFIX] General - Setting added to store each SIMstarter NG window position [BUGFIX] Fileswitcher - Presets for ORBX Germany South changed [BUGFIX] Startposition - CTD if no start position has been selected and click on okay [BUGFIX] General - Platformdialog does not work correctly --- 22.09.2017 - v1.5.1 [FEATURE] SimConfigBackup - Complete new Backup system for SIMstarter NG. Users can create different BackupSets and assign them to a Backup plan [FEATURE] Startposition - Filter start position based on airline code (based on the AFCAD of the scenery) [FEATURE] General - (P3Dv4) refreshing airport list creates a file 'scenery.cfg.SIMstarterNG.withAddOnXml' that includes all scenery items from add-on.xml files [FEATURE] Add-On.xml MGR - (P3Dv4) Ask if SODE\xml or SODE\SimObjects files and folders should be copy to the SODE folder in ProgramData [FEATURE] SimConfig - (P3Dv3/v4) Moon and Sun Size can be adjusted in 'Tweaks' Tab (suneffect.cfg) [FEATURE] Fileswitcher - Presets for ORBX Germany South added [FEATURE] Fileswitcher - Presetlist will be sorted now [CHANGED] General - SIMstarter NG is showing an info dialog if SIMstarter NG is not started with Administrator Rights [CHANGED] FSUIPC - Using FSUIPCclient 32/64 bit. Therefore SIMstarter NG is a 64 bit application from now. [CHANGED] Settings - Path to FTXcentral.exe removed from 3rd party settings (not needed any more) [CHANGED] Add-On.xml MGR - (P3Dv4) Files won't be automatically corrected with each start. (doesn't affect someone) [CHANGED] Add-On.xml MGR - (P3Dv4) Using "Categories from directory" will the parent directory name for "scenery" as preset [CHANGED] SimObjects MGR - Asks if selected SimObject should be removed [CHANGED] Profiles - "<< FSUIPC NOT FOUND >>" will be displayed in "Flightplan" Dropdown if FSUIPC can't be found [CHANGED] Fileswitcher - "Hide Presets" CheckBox setting will be saved [CHANGED] Startposition - SIMstarter NG can be minimized during MAKERWYS process [BUGFIX] SceneryMGR - (P3Dv4) Moving Scenery items from add-on.xml that have no title <Name>SceneryName</Name> crashed SIMstarter NG [BUGFIX] SceneryMGR - CTD if scenery.cfg contains wrong value for "ACTIVE=" (e.g. ture accept true) [BUGFIX] SceneryMGR - (P3Dv4) Sorting of scenery fixed [BUGFIX] ActiveSky - (P3Dv4) SIMstarter NG is showing ActiveSky XML error. [BUGFIX] Profiles - "Use FSUIPC Checkbox" is disabled if FSUIPC is not installed [BUGFIX] SimObjects MGR - (P3Dv4) wrong numbering of [ENTRY.] if add-on.xml files are active [BUGFIX] SimConfig - Fixed issue that Changes dialog shows items that have not been changed by user --- 27.07.2017 - v1.5.0 Important: From this version SIMstarter NG will not longer support ORBX Region Switch. (This does not affect FTXcentral v3) [FEATURE] P3Dv4 - General compatibility with PREPAR3D v4 (works with FSUIPC5) [FEATURE] AS P3Dv4 - Compatible with Active Sky 2016 for PREPAR3D v4 [FEATURE] Add-On.xml MGR - (P3Dv4) New Add-On.xml Manager to add, modify or delete Add-On.Xml files [FEATURE] Add-On CfgSets - (P3Dv4) ConfigSets for Add-On.xml files are available to assign to each profile [FEATURE] Scenery MGR - (P3Dv4) Shows items of Add-On.xml files. Layers can be changed via GUI. [FEATURE] SimObjects MGR - (P3Dv4) Shows items of Add-On.xml files [FEATURE] DLL/EXE.XML MGR - (P3Dv4) Shows items of Add-On.xml files [FEATURE] ConfigSets - ConfigSets can be automatically sorted (check Program Settings) [FEATURE] MakeRwys - Includes v4.7.0.0 (ready for P3Dv4) [FEATURE] SceneryMGR - HTML Export highlights ScenerySpacer for better overview [FEATURE] SceneryMGR - Import multiple Scenery items from one source path (searching for scenery/texture folders) [FEATURE] Fileswitcher - SwitchSets can be switched ON and OFF by clicking "Switch files" [FEATURE] Startposition - Helipads added [CHANGED] Livery MGR - Livery Import remembers the last selected import path [CHANGED] Scenery MGR - ScenerySpacer will be stored in SIMstarter NG userprofiles directory (not AddOn Scenery) [CHANGED] Startposition - Renew AddOn Airport list works together with "Refresh Airports" button [BUGFIX] GoogleEarth - GoogleEarth not installed dialog comes up every time SIMstarter NG starts [BUGFIX] SimConfig - Tooltip missing in some cases [BUGFIX] SimObjects MGR - (FSX/FSX-SE) Dialog crashes if path contains bad character (") --- 30.03.2017 - v1.4.7 [FEATURE] Profile - Integration of Autogen Configuration Merger by Arno Gerretsen. No restart required any more and popup won't show up. :O) [FEATURE] Fileswitcher - Preset for Aerosoft Maderia Evolution and FTX Vector to avoid Mesh problems [FEATURE] CumulusX - SIMstarter NG will automatically import the values for CumulusX into the Master ConfigSet [CHANGED] Logging - Improved logging for external programs that are used by SIMstarter NG [BUGFIX] Startposition - (FSX) Dialog crashes if ä,Ü,ß are included in Scenery name [BUGFIX] SimConfig - (P3Dv3.4) Cloud Shadow Cast / Terrain Shadow Cast settings fixed [BUGFIX] SimConfig - (P3Dv3.4) MAX_VC_TEXTURE_RESOLUTION had wrong SECTION [BUGFIX] SimConfig - (P3Dv3.x) HDR_BRIGHTNESS, HDR_BLOOM_MAGNITUDE, HDR_SATURATION some values missing [BUGFIX] SimConfig - FSUIPC values won't be saved if option is disabled [BUGFIX] AS 2016 - MinimumVisibilitySM, MaximumVisibilitySM, MaximumUpperVisibilitySM set from max 100 to 200 --- 03.03.2017 - v1.4.6 [FEATURE] AffinityCalc - Affinity Calculator added in Tools and SimConfig Sets [BUGFIX] SimConfig - (P3Dv3.4) Black Out Desktop was not implemented correctly [BUGFIX] General - Several program errors and malfunctions if keyboard layout is turkish [BUGFIX] License - License error in some special cases after upgrading to 1.4.5 --- 19.02.2017 - v1.4.5 [FEATURE] General - Compatible with FlyInside (Virtual reality software) [FEATURE] Profile - Start Scenery Manager at Profilestart for last changes on scenery.cfg file [FEATURE] SimConfig - FSUIPC - Added WideServer Control [FEATURE] AS 2016 - "Simulator Depiction Options" settings added [FEATURE] Programsettings - Path to sim.exe is customizable. This allows using of programs like for example FlyInsideP3D.exe [FEATURE] Manuals - Manuals DE/EN updated to revision 10 [FEATURE] SimConfig - (P3Dv3.4 > HF2 only) MAX_VC_TEXTURE_RESOLUTION has been added in Tweaks Tab [CHANGED] Startposition - Set aircraft on the runway if you select a runway as starting point (HDG is correct then) [CHANGED] GoogleEarth - Export dialog optimized [CHANGED] Programsettings - Filevalidation for platform specific files can be disabled (Advanced Users Only) [CHANGED] DebugPack - Stores last selected target folder for ZIP-file creation [BUGFIX] ConfigEditor - CTD in special case (http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/119713-editing-simulator-configuration-manager/) [BUGFIX] ActiveSky - ConfigSet name will be overwritten in some special cases [BUGFIX] Startposition - German language issue fixed (Aktualisiere Flughafenliste anstelle von Luftfahrzeugliste) [BUGFIX] Logging - Translation issues [BUGFIX] Profile - Hover text of profile label fixed [BUGFIX] SceneryMGR - Renaming a ConfigSet does not automaticly all the save changes dialog [BUGFIX] GoogleEarth - GoogleEarth Export Settings dialog shows on wrong position [BUGFIX] Aircrafts - Aircrafts not found error with turkish language setting (http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/120060-critical-error-no-aircrafts-found-simstarter-ng-terminates/) --- 10.01.2017 - v1.4.4 [CHANGED] Logging - Notification if more then 500 MB of archived Logfiles are found in .\log\ [CHANGED] LiveryMGR - List of aircrafts will be refreshed in a loop because of korean language. Switched to UNIX timestamp. [CHANGED] General - Enhanced logging [BUGFIX] Profile - Simulator ConfigSet shows "<nothing>" items [BUGFIX] Languages - In some cases user are getting a language error but the language file still exists [BUGFIX] Logging - Log rotation includes other ZIP files which makes no sense [BUGFIX] FSUIPC - Avoid writing [SIMSTARTERNG-SETTINGS] to FSUIPC4.INI [BUGFIX] FSUIPC - ConfigSet is showing the wrong values [BUGFIX] SimConfig - Deleting *_FSUIPCINI.cfg too if a SimConfigSet will be deleted --- 31.12.2017 - v1.4.3 [FEATURE] FSUIPC - Some settings of FSUIPC (Traffic Limiter) are available within the Simulator ConfigSets (FSUIPC >= v4.9.5.9 must be installed) [FEATURE] SimConfig - Export SimConfig Sets into an HTML file [FEATURE] ActiveSky - Export ActiveSky Config Sets into an HTML file [FEATURE] Shortcuts - Open GoogleEarth Export files without creating new ones [FEATURE] Profiles - Can be sorted alphabeticly (Programsettings > Automatic sort profiles) [CHANGED] GoogleEarth - Exclusion folders for FTX Norway, England and Scotland added [CHANGED] SceneryMGR - HTML Export improved [CHANGED] XML-Manager - Indicates if entries have wrong file extention [CHANGED] XML-Manager - Creating Backups before writing the file [BUGFIX] XML-Manager - Using wrong XML-File location if you switch between DLL.XML and EXE.XML [BUGFIX] Fileswitcher - Wrong file count when selecting a Preset [BUGFIX] SimConfig - Values are not shown correctly (moved v1.4.2 to v1.4.3) --- 31.12.2017 - v1.4.2 Version replaced by 1.4.3 --- 20.12.2016 - v1.4.1 [FEATURE] Profiles - Select controler configuration file via Dropdown (Extended Profile Settings > Other Options) [FEATURE] Tools - "Clear Facilities/Scenery Indexes" function implemented to delete %ProgData%\%SIM%\Facilities and .\SceneryIndexes [CHANGED] SceneryMGR - Dialog stores the last selected scenery path for easier adding multiple parts of a scenery [BUGFIX] DLL/EXE.XML - Malformated XML Files does not crash SIMstarter NG at program startup [BUGFIX] GoogleEarth - Exclude Path/ICAO are reset to default (not saving custom settings) [BUGFIX] DebugPack - ProgData\DLL.XML and EXE.XML are included [BUGFIX] GoogleEarth - Export path settings can't be set to a different location then default [BUGFIX] Program - In some cases SIMstarter NG does not load settings template in the right way --- 01.12.2016 - v1.4.0 [FEATURE] Startposition - Option to show Addon Airports only [FEATURE] Fileswitcher - Switching files on/off. Especial for .BGL files. Fast and easy renaming of the file extention. Including Presets of FTX GEN Germany, Simmershome, e.g. [FEATURE] DLL/EXE.XML - (P3D only) Handling of both files (in ProgData and AppData) is possible now [FEATURE] DLL/EXE.XML - AddOn Path will be validated now. Missing files will be marked red. [FEATURE] GoogleEarth - GoogleEarth Settings can be reset to defaults. New reset button implemented. [FEATURE] Profiles - Path of the Flightplans can be changed in Program settings now [FEATURE] RunManager - Single RunItems can be disabled by Checkbox. They won't be started then. [FEATURE] RunManager - Added <copy DIR> in Fileoperation. Possible to copy all files/subdirectories to a target folder [FEATURE] RunManager - Path will be validated now. Missing files will be marked red [FEATURE] RunManager - "Test" function for selected RunList Item [FEATURE] SimObjects MGR - Path will be validated now. Missing folders will be marked red [CHANGED] GoogleEarth - Export Settings will be stored platform specific. They won't be overwritten with the next NG update any more. [CHANGED] XML-Manager - Clicking of Path Textbox opens file Dialog (much easier) [CHANGED] MakeRwys - Water runways are showed as well [CHANGED] ORBX - FTX Central V3 will be detected. ORBX Options of SIMstarter NG will be deactived in this case. [BUGFIX] SimConfig - (P3D) wrong steps for MSAA setting (0,2,4,8 instead of 0,2,6,8) [BUGFIX] SimConfig - (P3D) "BlackOut Desktop" hat wrong values [BUGFIX] SceneryMGR - Remove a scenery shows wrong dialig (Yes, No is missing) [BUGFIX] SceneryMGR - (FSX-SE) Path error if a native DLC Scenery has been installed [BUGFIX] Profiles - UTC checkbox loses checked state after reloading a profile [BUGFIX] Profiles - System Time checkbox did not work properly [BUGFIX] RunManager - Changes are saved at the wrong cfgSet Title [BUGFIX] RunManager - Save ConfigSet show a dialog [BUGFIX] Startposition - Shows more Runways then available for the selected airport --- 27.09.2016 - v1.3.0 [FEATURE] PREPAR3D v3.4 - Support of PREPAR3D v3.4 [FEATURE] ActiveSky 16 - Integration of Active Sky 2016 [FEATURE] ActiveSky - Kill program automaticly if AutoRun has been selected [FEATURE] Profiles - Load newest Flightplan. Searches for the newest saved .pln file and loads it to the simulator [FEATURE] Profiles - Select System time or UTC time [FEATURE] SimConfig - Added "Enable Controllers" from Controls tab [FEATURE] AES - (FSX/FSX-SE only) Support AutoResync of Airport Enhancement Services (AES) [FEATURE] RefreshAirports - New menu item to force the Airport Synchronisation (makeRwys.exe) [FEATURE] Metar/TAF - URL is now customizable (in program settings) [FEATURE] Updater - Improved Updater (makes further platform updates much easier) [CHANGE] Programsettings - Structure of the program settings has been changed [CHANGE] DebugPack - Display a information banner that the debug pack will be created [CHANGE] General - Saves "blank line" to seperate sections [BUGFIX] DesktopShortcut - Remove bad characters from profile name before creating the shortcut [BUGFIX] SimConfig - P3Dv3.3 language error "EnableGesture" for GERMAN users :O) [BUGFIX] SimConfig - "UseGlobalTerrainView" had wrong Section [SCENERY] instead of [TERRAIN] (for P3Dv2.4 - P3Dv3.3 users) [BUGFIX] SceneryMGR - Add scenery causes NG to crash if AREA is without TITLE (very special case) [BUGFIX] SimConfig - Value 4012 instead of 4096 [BUGFIX] Metar/TAF - Wrong ICAO causes dialog to crash --- 14.06.2016 - v1.2.0 [CHANGE] ORBX - Compatible with v2.1 of FTXcentral. Region switch will be disabled automaticly. Autodetection of migrated regions. [FEATURE] P3Dv3 - Compatible with v3.3 of PREPAR3D [BUGFIX] SceneryMGR - Clicking "Save" at "SceneryManager" Tab causes NG to crash [CHANGE] SceneryMGR - Duplicate titles will be found to ensure NG is working correct --- 30.05.2016 - v1.1.1 [FEATURE] LiveryManager - Shows ATC_ID below the Livery Thumbnail [BUGFIX] SimConfig - Save MasterConfig Set crashes in some special cases (Using // and var=value) [BUGFIX] General - "Scheme error" at program start [BUGFIX] Scenery MGR - Adding new sceneries does not cause NG to detect them as "new" --- 08.05.2016 - v1.1.0 [FEATURE] CleanDesk - Start and Stop Scripts implemented [BUGFIX] RunManager - Fileoperation <delete DIR> did not allowed to select a directory. [BUGFIX] Profiles - Using External scenery.cfg caused the GUI to crash. [BUGFIX] SimConfig MGR - Using // at the ConfigSets cause the Program to crash. [BUGFIX] LiveryManager - Show maximum 30 Liveries per aircraft [BUGFIX] CleanDesk - Window resizing [BUGFIX] SimConfig MGR - ASLAT wrong default value (only if you reset to default) [BUGFIX] SimConfig MGR - "Autotrim" setting reversed [BUGFIX] SimConfig MGR - "Enable Automixture" setting reversed [BUGFIX] GoogleEarth - Pro Version not found [BUGFIX] Fileoperation - Modify file operations did not work [BUGFIX] General - SIMstarter NG CTD on startup [BUGFIX] Profiles - Startposition does not show if saved flight is selected (caused strange starting position) [BUGFIX] Profiles - ORBX New Zealand Region not found [BUGFIX] ASN Settings - Configuration is saving "---" and empty values which can cause strange ASN behavior [BUGFIX] Startposition - Bad characters causing dialog to crash [BUGFIX] DiffManager - Does not assign to every selected ConfigSet [BUGFIX] SceneryManager - Click "Cancel" save dialog cause it to crash [BUGFIX] Profiles - UseSystemeTime reset if saved flight selected [BUGFIX] ActiveSkyNext - Path settings for ASN-SE mismatch. ASN options are disabled in this case. (Only if you bought ASN inside Steam) --- 14.04.2016 - v1.0.3 [BUGFIX] SceneryManager - In some cases clicking "Description" and "Required" caused the Manager to crash after reopen. [BUGFIX] GoogleEarth - Exclude path settings for GoogleEarth Export did not work properly. [BUGFIX] SceneryManager - Clicking the Description tab header and saving changes will cause a strange Area priority. [BUGFIX] Platformdialog - In some cases the simulator path was not automaticly detected. [BUGFIX] P3Dv3 FXML - Some saved flights caused "Malformated XML file" if you are using different situation settings. [BUGFIX] ASN Manager - Spelling mistakes [BUGFIX] SimConfig MGR - Spelling mistakes (german language) [BUGFIX] Startposition - Program crashes if runways.xml is faulty. Crash behavior changed. [BUGFIX] Update - Don't check for internet connection if "Check for updates" is disabled. [CHANGED] DebugPack - Archived logfiles --- 08.04.2016 - v1.0.2 [BUGFIX] MigrationTool - The migration tool copied all files to .\data\userprofiles\P3Dv3.1 correct path is ..\P3Dv3 --- 07.04.2016 - v1.0.1 [BUGFIX] General - Some users had problems with the software activation which is solved now --- 06.04.2016 - v1.0.0 [ADDED] General - Initial Version of SIMstarter NG SOURCE
  7. AIRAC Cycle 1809 is now available for download on our server! Run NavDataPro on your PC to download the new AIRAC Cycle. New in this cycle: some problems with UFMC, SSG airliner and x737 for X-Plane fixed Please update your NavDataPro client software to version SOURCE
  8. As you probably know Aerosoft does a lot more then Flight Simulator add-ons and in the next few weeks we are going to introduce some of them. The first one is Transport Company that will challenge you with ever more complex tasks that involve transporting goods. Steam release is not too far off. I can tell you that this title is one of our favorites in office. Huge fun! SOURCE
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  10. FSDG publishes release schedule – FACT releasing September Today, FSDG provided us with a short update in the shape of a picture with a release schedule for upcoming products on their Facebook page. One product that stands out is their highly anticipated Cape Town scenery which started out as a lite product but recently got changed to a full scale product, now has a release date of September 12 instead of the rumored August release. On top of this, their version of Rhodes is set to release on October 20. The rest of the products on the list include Lite versions of Nairobi, Enfidha, Casablanca and Dalaman. All of these are on time, with Dalaman estimated for February 19 of next year. Their Bremen scenery, which was briefly previewed back in January, also got a brief mention on the list as being on time. The list was not all great news though, as their Antalya scenery has been cancelled. For more news on FSDG, stay tuned to FSElite. SOURCE INFO https://fselite.net/news/fsdg-publishes-release-schedule-fact-releasing-september/
  11. Hello fellow simmers! Coming out of Flight Sim Expo, I was pumped to add more hands on realism to my sim. I met several great people and companies all building hardware for our simulation niche. After much debate on which company and panel to go with, I decided to go with Diagma for my first panel. This is my first look and review of the Diagma flight simulator panel with the panel builder software. I want to start of by saying that Azat at Diagma was a pleasure doing business with. He was very fast and responsive on any questions I had from before purchase through and after the purchase and delivery. With all that said, lets get into budget and pre-delivery considerations. Whatever panel you go with, if it does not come with a monitor, that should be one of your first things to look at. You want the panel to fit perfectly on whatever monitor you choose. For this, you will need the exact dimensions of the panel. Azat was kind enough to get these to me and put those online for future customers. I researched sizes of monitors and found a dell 23” monitor that would fit this panel perfectly. It fits edge to edge with just enough room on the bottom to hit the power button to turn it on and off. It looks like it was made for this panel. See below for links to all the products in this review. With the monitor purchased and on the way, the Diagma panel and panel builder software were being shipped out as well. Both were scheduled to arrive in just a couple of days. I was excited to get things ready to fly. My A2A C172 was fired up on P3D and ready to go. Once the panel arrived, it was easy to install on the monitor. It has straps on both sides that fit around the monitor to hold it in place and snug. Instructions said to mount it after you setup the panel builder software, but I was able to do this with the panel in place without any issues. With the panel attached to the monitor and the USB cable from that panel connected to my PC, I was ready to setup the software. The software was easy to install, however it will take you a few hours to get things figured out as far as what controls you need to add and where. To start the software, open up Panel Builder. Make sure that your USB dongle is plugged into your computer or you will go into DEMO mode on the software. This is kind of a pain, but I am sure they offer a software key version as well. Now to add the controls. The process is simple, you find the controls you want in the Building menu—>Add Instrument. You click off which instruments you want to add and they appear on the screen when you click the Operation—>Start button. This is an iterative process unless you have a review like this to show you exactly which controls to add. I will provide this at the bottom of the review as well. You will be able to check off all of the controls and click one add and they will all be there. Once the controls have been added you will need to arrange them on your monitor. You can select which monitor to add them to from the Operation—>Edit Panel. I selected to run this software on one monitor only with it being on monitor 2. You can also set the color of the background to black out to black which I did. This will make the controls pop. When the controls first appear, they will appear on your main monitor and you will drag them into the location on the external display. Put them in their correct location and then resize them with the mouse wheel. Its that easy to get them in place and sized. Now they are all ready for your sim. Now that your controls are all in place, the next step is to get it all connected and functional in your sim. This took me awhile to get right and also took the latest version of P3D with the latest version of FSUIPC with the mouse macro feature added back in to get working 90% correct. I have a few things that are not perfect, but will work to get those correct or you may have a solution for me if you have to get this panel and software. Start up your sim, start the simPluggins Prepar3DV4 software. Click Connect. You controls on the monitor should move and reset to your current conditions. Its that simple when running both the sim and sim plugging all on the same computer. This software does enable you to run the panel software on a separate pc, but they must both be on the same network. I have done this, but it added a second pc and no performance difference on my setup, so it was not worth the additional complexity for me. For others with a lesser machine, you may want to use a second PC to run your controls. If you do this, keep in mind, the panel builder software must run on the second PC, and you run the simPlugins connection software on your flight sim pc to connect the two. Now that the sim and software are connected and your sim is running, its time to get the panels controls working. I have attached some notes in a screen shot below on what I have done. Some of the controls I set to use P3D controls, while many of them I needed FSUIPC to setup. I did have a few toggle switches at the bottom that only P3D would see, not FSUIPC. The issue is that I do not have the option I need in P3D to set it to the functionality in the aircraft, only FSUIPC has this. Its a work in progress to figure this out, but its minimal since its just lighting in the aircraft and not really a big deal to me. This is not a tutorial on how to use FSUIPC as I am not an expert at it, however I know enough to get by and get this panel working. I used two methods to add controls on the panel to FSUIPC which I will detail now: Most controls were easy to add using the standard button+switches. Click or turn the knob on the monitor in the direction that you want to program. Click Select for FS control. Pull down the menu below it that says “Control sent when button pressed”. Select what you want to send in this pull down. This is the more complex option and has to do with mouse clicks. You have to create a mouse macro first, you do this on the left side on that same menu by going into the sim and doing what you want, then back into FSUIPC and saving it off. You will then be able to select this macro in the same pull down as the first option above in 1. This mouse macro will now be attached to your button or knob. The hardest part of programming the controls was finding what you need. Some things took a few google searches to come up with the correct simulation api to use. For example moving the Altimeter knob, you will need to use the Kohlsman Inc and Kohlsman Dec to get this working. Another odd feature is on the artificial horizon. You can use P3D or FSUIPC to control this, however it only changes the control on your panel, not in the simulator. The details on what to use will be on the blueprint I have attached in this review. Now that all your controls are programmed and functioning in the aircraft, its time to take off and use your new panel. Let me say, its great to actually physicallyy touch the knobs and see functionality on the panel and in the sim. An example is aligning your magnetic compass on the heading indicator at startup with the knob on the left of that control. You then set your heading that you want as well with the knob on the right of that control. It all just works. From your 2 Nav’s, your ADF, to starting the plane with your Magneto switch, it all just works and works great. The magneto is a little more work to program as there are 4 locations on the dial to program. Once setup you will find it a pleasure to use. As you can see, I spent a day with the sparks designed “Steve’s Redneck Salvage” A2A C172. I flew from Juneau Alaska to the glaciers and up to Skagway Alaska. It was a fun day in the skies of Alaska exploring with my new Panel from Diagma. I would give the panel 5 starts out of 5 for sure. The construction of the panel is top notch with very nice switches and controls that do not feel like a toy. This panel feels and looks real. Interacting with it in sim is a blast and will take your immersion to a whole new level. For someone who is about to go for their PPL, this panel was a must purchase for me. My goal is to step into a real 172 and feel right at home. This will make that first experience so much easier and familiar. The software gets 4.75 stars out of 5. It would of had 5 stars if there was an option to export your settings to share with fellow simmers. This has been locked out for professional users only, not home users. However I did find a way to copy those settings from one PC to another because duplicating this effort is a pain if you run on multiple machines. PM me if you want the details of how to do this. I hope you enjoyed this first look and review of the Diagma DPPL-1804 Flight Simulator Panel with the Panel Builder for Diagma Panels. My next purchase will be a set of C172 controls. Flying with A10 controls is still fun, but I need a yoke and throttle that feels more c172 like. That review will be next once I get those controls ordered. I am looking at Diagma as well as one other company to fulfill those needs to complete my in home C172. Till next time, Caderly (Caderly_one) Equipment List: Diagma DPPL-1804 Flight Simulator Panel Plus 380.00 https://www.flightsim-diagma.com/product-page/panel-plus Panel Builder for Diagma Panels 64.00 https://www.flightsim-diagma.com/product-page/panel-builder Dell Professional P2317H 23" Screen LED-Lit Monitor 175.00 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01FGCJAHU/ref=od_aui_detailpages00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Controls to add to panel builder: ADF Airspeed Indicator Altimeter Analog Artificial Horizon C172 Chronometer C172 EGT FF C172 Fuel Dual C172 FSX Heading Indicator C172 Nav1 (Needle) Nav2 (NOGS) Oil C172 RPMLarge Turn Indicator VAC AMP C172 Vertical Speed Indicator Programming P3D, FSUIPC: ADF Right: FSUIPC 2-8 ADF Needle Set ADF Card Inc ADF Left: FSUIPC 2-9 ADF Needle Set ADF Card Dec Airspeed Indicator(Nothing to program) Altimeter Analog Right FSUIPC 2-0 Kohlsman Inc Altimeter Analog Left FSUIPC 2-1 Kohlsman dec Artificial Horizon C172 Right FSUIPC 2-12 Attitude bars down Artificial Horizon C172 Left FSUIPC 2-13 Attitude bars up Chronometer C172 This needs work. Use the mouse macro controls but you need to macro it to both the panel and the panel in the plane. For some reason, they both need to be part of that macro. EGT FF C172(Nothing to program) Fuel Dual C172 FSX(Nothing to program) Heading Indicator C172 Right FSUIPC 2-2 Heading bug inc Heading Indicator C172 Left FSUIPC 2-3 Heading bug dec Nav1 (Needle) Right FSUIPC 2-4 Vor1 obi inc Nav1 (Needle) Left FSUIPC 2-5 Vor1 obi dec Nav2 (NOGS) Right FSUIPC 2-6 Vor2 obi inc Nav2 (NOGS) Left FSUIPC 2-6 Vor2 obi dec Oil C172(Nothing to program) RPMLarge(Nothing to program) Turn Indicator(Nothing to program) VAC AMP C172(Nothing to program) SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : https://www.flightsim-diagma.com/product-page/panel-plus NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :
  12. Sky Force 3D Technical Update 2 - Reminder You can update Sky Force 3D via the applications 'Check For Updates' feature or download the update directly from our support forum. In addition, you can download and install a full updated copy of the application where you originally purchased Sky Force 3D. For more information and a comprehensive look at Sky Force 3D, please visit http://www.rexskyforce.com 15% OFF Sky Force 3D! DISCOUNT INFORMATION: To receive this discount, purchase Sky Force 3D where you originally purchased another REX product. Buy Now | REX Store Buy Now | SimMarket Buy Now | PC Aviator Buy Now | Just Flight Buy Now | Aerosoft Share Tweet Forward +1 Share Copyright Š 2018 REX Game Studios, All rights reserved. You are receiving this email because you opted in via our REX Store or REX Support Forum to receive news on the latest products from REX. Our mailing address is: REX Game Studios Saratoga St Tempe, AZ 85281 Add us to your address book Want to change how you receive these emails? You can update your preferences or unsubscribe from this list. SOURCE INFOhttps://store.rexdownload.com/sky-force-3d-for-fsx-fsx-steam-and-prepar3d/15-rex-sky-force-3d.html DEVELOPER POST LINK : https://store.rexdownload.com/sky-force-3d-for-fsx-fsx-steam-and-prepar3d/15-rex-sky-force-3d.html NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://store.rexdownload.com/sky-force-3d-for-fsx-fsx-steam-and-prepar3d/15-rex-sky-force-3d.html
  13. The Air-Clips.com Team was invited to join Captain Rikard, Senior First Officer Sebastian and First Officer Benjamin on a Boeing 777-200F cargo run from Frankfurt to Tokyo Narita, onwards to Seoul and back to Frankfurt. For each of the three flights Air-Clips.com has created one of the famous ULTIMATE COCKPIT MOVIES which will be released here completely for free in HD quality. This short clip is an exclusive scene from our LH B777 ULTIMATE COCKPIT MOVIE Tokyo-Seoul, available FOR FREE as of August 24th 2018 under this link: https://youtu.be/z9ruG_9NFjI AirClips.com supports the pilot’s profession and all those interested in dedicating their lives to the beauty of flying. In a special series we are reporting about pilot’s training, life and career opportunities in the Lufthansa Group, one of the world’s leading aviation groups. Let us encourage you to consider becoming a future pilot for one of the Lufthansa Group airlines, starting with a thorough training by European Flight Academy (EFA). Did you know that... - Lufthansa Group needs over 500 new pilot students every year for their airlines? - Lufthansa Group gives you access to affordable financing solutions? - pilot’s limitations regarding debility of eye-sight allow a lot more flexibility than you maybe think? - not speaking German does not stop you from joining the Group? - female cadets are particularly encouraged to join? Enjoy our series of clips and films about being trained by and working as a pilot for the Lufthansa Group. Check out their link for more details on how to join: https://www.european-flight-academy.com/en/ Lufthansa Cargo AG is a German cargo airline and a wholly owned subsidiary of Lufthansa. It operates worldwide air freight and logistics services and is headquartered at Frankfurt Airport, the main hub of Lufthansa. Besides operating dedicated cargo planes, the company also has access to cargo capacities of 350 passenger aircraft of the Lufthansa Group. Lufthansa operated a cargo subsidiary, called German Cargo, between 1977 and 1993 (earlier still, cargo operations were executed in-house, under the Lufthansa Cargo name), when -in an effort to restructure the company- the cargo division was re-integrated into its parent, and split up into two parts (one for scheduled operations using Lufthansa-owned aircraft, and one for freight and logistics services using chartered or leased aircraft). Lufthansa Cargo was created as a limited stock company on 30 November 2004, along with Lufthansa Cargo Charter. Lufthansa Cargo uses LH (the same IATA code as Lufthansa), as well as GEC (the former ICAO code of German Cargo) as airline codes. Lufthansa is unique compared to its major European competitors like British Airways and Air France in that the cargo business is organized in an entirely different airline entity. For some years, Lufthansa Cargo (including the freight transported in the cargo holds of mainline Lufthansa passenger aircraft) was the leading cargo airline in terms of international freight tonne-kilometres carried, but has since been surpassed by Cathay Pacific and Korean Air Cargo. The 777 Freighter (777F) is an all-cargo version of the twinjet, and shares features with the -200LR; these include its airframe, engines, and fuel capacity.[146] With a maximum payload of 224,900 lb (102,000 kg) (similar to the 243,000 lb (110,000 kg) of the 747-200F), it has a range of 4,970 nmi (9,200 km). Greater range is possible if less cargo weight is carried. As the aircraft promises improved operating economics compared to older freighters, airlines have viewed the 777F as a replacement for freighters such as the 747-200F, MD-10, and MD-11F. The first 777F was delivered to Air France on February 19, 2009. As of September 2017, 131 freighters had been delivered to 16 different customers, with 30 unfilled orders. Operators had 128 of the 777F in service as of July 2017. In the 2000s, Boeing began studying the conversion of 777-200ER and -200 passenger airliners into freighters, under the name 777 BCF (Boeing Converted Freighter). The company has been in discussion with several airline customers, including FedEx Express, UPS Airlines, and GE Capital Aviation Services, to provide launch orders for a 777 BCF program.SOURCE
  14. Hi folks, Shane (Aus Flight Simmer) interviewed me in the name of FS Elite. The interview is published here, for any one who's interested. : SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VkKfVagnv-Q
  15. Be my wing man and join in the adventure: https://goo.gl/sW5J5o Support my channel by grabbing some merchandise: https://www.TrentPalmer.com For more of my adventures follow me on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/trentonpalmer/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PilotTrentPalmer/ Check out WingSwap: https://www.wingswap.com The Gear I use: My main camera - https://goo.gl/3SMGzb The bendy tripod thing - https://goo.gl/n7wx14 My on camera mic - https://goo.gl/GNsHF6 Sony 4K Actioncam - https://goo.gl/9iQRyM The headset plug to camera audio cable - https://goo.gl/vz9SWU The clamp I use for mounting cameras - https://goo.gl/g7iR1P DJI Osmo stabilized cam - https://goo.gl/d5FcnE DJI Osmo extension cable - https://goo.gl/9pyefZ The drone I use - https://goo.gl/uNWYjiSOURCE:
  16. Teased earlier this week, Orbx has today released a brand new update for KSAN San Diego for users. After listening to the community’s feedback, developer Matteo Veneziani has improved almost everything about the product. As previously said, the new version is almost 100% new compared to the original, with performance increases and new details included. SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://fselite.net/news/orbx-release-ksan-san-diego-international-airport-v2/
  17. Thats an incredible amount of force, thank you so much for sharing!!!
  18. This is absolutely needed for Flight Sim !! Love the look and versatility!
  19. Right on, my thought as well 😄
  20. I agree Noodle. It must be new parents that want to double dip and take their kids to Disney on the same trip. I know I’ve been there about 7 times in the past 10+ years. Not too excited about another trip to Orlando. I will just stay in the Hotel the event is in. Uber is out now. Probably need a rental car if I want to go anywhere. Vegas was sweet!!! Well we can always say we had Vegas lol.
  22. Airworthy Designs Previews Princess Juliana Airport 1.5 Update Developer Airworthy Designs recently took to Facebook and posted some beautiful progress shots of the upcoming 1.5 update for Princess Juliana Airport (TNCM) for X-Plane 11. As evidenced in a few of the shots, and confirmed via Facebook messages with the developer, much of the time has been spent on adding Physically Based Rendering (PBR) support for runways. When asked for everything that is included in the 1.5 update, we were provided with an internal task list of over 40 items that include things like animated jetways, animated flags, airport ground services, ground traffic, improved night lighting, and more. Airworthy Designs said that they have also worked to improve performance on older systems, and they are hoping the update will be ready for release within the next month or two. SOURCE INFO https://fselite.net/news/airworthy-designs-previews-princess-juliana-airport-1-5-update/
  23. Milviz King Air 350i Previews And New Aircraft Announcement SOURCE INFO An extremely anticipated aircraft, the Milviz King Air 350i has been in the works for quite some time now. While we hadn’t seen any new previews on the aircraft for a short while, Milviz changed that over the past few weeks with a few new previews of the Proline21 that will be incorporated into the aircraft as well as Rex WX Radar integration! https://www.facebook.com/Milviz/ https://fselite.net/previews/milviz-king-air-350i-previews-and-new-aircraft-announcement/
  24. EU NetherlandsTrueEarth for Aerofly FS2 has landed! The first TrueEarth title for IPACS Aerofly FS2 is here - giving you the Netherlands in incredible detail. You can expect extremely dense building & vegetation cultivation, incredible crisp terrain textures, and effortlessly smooth performance on the newest flight sim platform to hit the market! Netherlands TrueEarth is far more than a traditional photoreal product, it features comprehensive building and vegetation placements, thousands of hand-placed landmarks and POI, and hand-edited textures. Key Features The entirety of Netherlands depicted in complete detail! 85,000km2 of photoreal terrain at 1m resolution Full 3D night lighting 43 airports CityScene building technology for all major cities, towns, villages and urban areas, improving on traditional cultivation by adding unusual footprints, higher detail (roof details etc) and better long-range visibility Incredibly dense vegetation cultivation. Far superior to automated OSM technology, our cultivation is compiled from multiple data sets, and hand-edited to ensure maximum fidelity, accuracy and density Beautifully edited terrain textures - colourised, edited, cleaned up Blemishes such as cloud cover, water sun glare, seamlines, discolouration and some vehicle footprints have been removed Ultra HD mesh at 5m resolution. Netherlands may be flat, but incredible details such as tailings dumps, sand dunes and even highway overpass ramps are visible Accurate road, waterways, transmission line and other vector/GIS components Beautiful custom building textures for all autogen buildings Hundreds of custom landmarks and POI Traditional Dutch windmills Major churches and cathedrals custom modelled Custom models for all major TV and radio masts Many major bridges custom designed Custom ship models unique to Netherlands Thousands of hand-placed animated wind turbines, refineries, harbours and other library objects Hand-edited and colourised water textures, including complete watermasking Netherlands TrueEarth is now available to purchase at AUD$54.95 (approx. USD $42 / £30 / €34 ) - however it's 15% off for a limited time. If you have the P3D version on your OrbxDirect account, you save 40% off the Aerofly FS2 version! SAVE 15% ON TRUEEARTH NETHERLANDS FOR AFS2 SAVE 50% ON TRUEEARTH NETHERLANDS FOR P3D -30% KBZN Bozeman Yellowstone Int'l -50% EU Germany South -50% NA Southern Alaska -10% LSPN Triengen Airport Hey - Did you know that we are now more social than ever before? Keep up with the latest Orbx news by following us on Twitter and Facebook! SOURCE INFOhttps://orbxdirect.com/ DEVELOPER POST LINK : https://orbxdirect.com/ NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://orbxdirect.com/
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