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  3. n this weeks Test Drive, we take a look at Carenado ATR 42 500 for Prepar3D V4. The ATR42 is a twin-turboprop, short-haul regional airliner. It was developed and manufactured in France and Italy by ATR. First flown on the 16 August 1984 and +460 built, the ATR is still in service today. Join Aus Flight Simmer as he checks out the Carenado ATR 42 500 and takes it for a spin around the block, is it value for money? We are now on Discord:https://discord.gg/Azp84XE ================================== If you would like to support the channel & thanks for the support in advance. https://streamlabs.com/ausflightsimmer ================================== Please Subscribe & thank you :) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1s_8hYVql2DuDmwuBt9yJA Please share this video: https://youtu.be/7MJxxXWUjhg Follow me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ausflightsimmer/ Follow me on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/ausflightsimmer ================================== Proud Member of the FSElite Team You Tube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL6Ks4U4gl2HSisJQC8q78g Website:https://fselite.net/ ================================== You can catch me streaming at the SkyLoungeTV https://www.twitch.tv/skyloungetv ================================== Addons: Scenery:Orbx Global Airport:ORBX YBCG & FlyTamper YSSY Clouds:Hi-Fi Cloud Art Weather:Active Sky Cameras:Chase Plane Aircraft:Carenado ATR 42 500 https://www.carenado.com/sitecarenado/product/a42-500-series-fsx-p3d/ ================================== PC Specs: Intel Core i7 5820K Haswell-E 6 Core LGA 2011-3 3.3GHz Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1080 Xstreme Gaming Asus X99-Pro/USB3.1 LGA2011-3 CorSair 32GB DDR4 2133MHz Samsung 1000GB SSD 850 EVO Samsung 500GB SSD 850 EVO Samsung 250GB SSD 850 EVO ==================================SOURCE:
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  5. Around Friday Harbour. Around Orcas island. SOURCE
  6. After the successful release of Airport2Sim Amsterdam, Airline2Sim are back with their latest product. In line with A2S Amsterdam, Airport2Sim Greek Islands focuses on the airport, arrival and departure procedures at specific airports. These mini-series offer the same high-quality instructional videos you would come to expect from the team. This time, taking place in some of the most challenging airports in Greece, Ben and Nick (717, 747-F and 748 pilot), take you through some of the procedures and tips to safely land your jet. Over the course of 4 episodes, 5 hours of 1080p footage, you will be given instructions on some of the unique procedures at Skiathos, Samos and Corfu. Using many visual overlays and expert advice to assist you along the way. Also included in the package is a custom GSX file for each airport to bring those airports to ensure objects and push back sequences are as realistic as possible within the simulator. Airport2Sim Greek Islands from Airline2Sim is available now for $11.99. SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : Airline2Sim Releases Airport2Sim Greek Islands | FSElite FSELITE.NET After the successful release of Airport2Sim Amsterdam, Airline2Sim are back with their latest product. In line with A2S Amsterdam, Airport2Sim Greek Islands focuses on the airport, arrival and departure procedures
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  8. JustSim Palma de Mallorca (LEPA) Released for Prepar3D v4 I'm not sure if this Airport was needed, after all we have a good version already, though I may be proved wrong. Over on their Facebook page, together with Digital Design, JustSim has announced the release of their long-anticipated Palma de Mallorca (LEPA) scenery add-on for Prepar3D v4. Palma de Mallorca Airport is Spain’s third largest airport located on the Balearic Islands. It caters for over 70 airlines currently flying in and out of the airport including Aer Lingus, Air Europa, easyJet, Ryanair and TUI. JustSim’s rendition of Palma de Mallorca features compatibility with common Orbx products, PBR throughout, night effects, seasonal textures, dynamic lighting and more found in the changelog at the end of this article. Features such as VGDS and SODE Jetways are to follow as an update in 1-2 weeks. As usual, an X-Plane 11 rendition of the airport is to follow in about a week. You can grab a hold JustSim and Digital Design’s rendition of Palma de Mallorca over at simMarket for a price of €21.90 (Excl. VAT) exclusively for Prepar3D v4. Features Fully compatible with FTX Global openLC Europe Shading and occlusion (texture baking) effects on terminal and other airport buildings Ground polygons were compiled using SDK 4.4-PBR materials use 3D models now use PBR materials (SDK 4.4) Dynamic lighting of the apron Visual Docking Guidance System (VDGS) (SODE+GSX) – will come in 1-2 weeks High-resolution ground textures / Custom runway textures High-resolution building textures Custom models of buildings and hotels on the coastline. Animated SODE Jetways – will come in 1-2 weeks Many animated custom ground vehicles. Surrounding area with custom autogen Custom restaurants and hotels on the coastal line of the sea Fully AI traffic compatible with accurate AFCAD file Excellent night effects 3D birds 3D grass Optimized for excellent performance Fully 3d taxiways lighting Automatic season change for vegetation, photo background high resolution Realistic reflections on glass SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : JustSim Palma de Mallorca Released for Prepar3D v4 | FSElite FSELITE.NET Over on their Facebook page, together with Digital Design, JustSim has announced the release of their long-anticipated Palma de Mallorca (LEPA) scenery add-on for Prepar3D v4. Palma de Mallorca Airport
  9. 5 rare and big planes you don` t see everyday. All of them were filmed within four hours at Maastricht Airport in the netherlands last week. The highlights were obviously the beautiful silver Boeing 747 of Sky Gates and the Airbus A310 of Royal Jordanian Cargo which is the sole Airbus A310 left in their fleet. At Maastricht you only have approximately 10 airplane movements per day but usually the planes which show up are quite rare and interesting. The Boeing 777F of Saudia is another airplane you don` t see quite often. Thanks for watching, new videos every tuesday and friday.SOURCE
  10. the an-12 is not thought of as one of the biggest prop cargo planes in the world but it is...no it isnt the worlds biggest cargo plane, that goes to the an-225
  11. International Learn to Fly Day is this Saturday! Are you thinking about taking the first steps to earning your pilot certificate? We can help! EAA has developed pathways to flight, making it easier, more affordable, and more accessible.SOURCE
  12. Compare it by your self , Look at the trees ! Powerful jet blast from the words biggest passenger airplanes Airbus A380 and Boeing 747 during heavy rain at Manchester Airport The A380 engines are massive and its titanium blades are prominently much broader. Yet they produce a thrust of 70,000 pounds each. Boeing 747 63,300 pounds (28,710 kg) on the current model. The diameter of the 747 engine cowling is 8 feet 6 inches (2.6 m) Emirates Airline REG A6-EDU Virgin Atlantic REG G-VROS Please share this YouTube link, or the link in our official Facebook. ❗️WARNING❗️Freebooting/ reuploading without specific written permission is not authorized. This video is the copyright of TopFelya © All illegal re uploads without authorisation will be removed #a380 #aircraft #BoeingSOURCE
  13. UPDATE: TOGA PROJECTS - ENVTEX FSX P3D-patch_1.2.3 Dear simMarket Customer, at simMarket you can now find an update or new version of your product: TOGA PROJECTS - ENVTEX FSX P3D You will find the link to download this update in your user account -> orders listing -> order number: Envtex_patch_1.2.3.exe This Envtex update allows a full compatibility with the latest Prepar3D v4.5 hotfix. Earlier Prepar3D v4 versions are still supported. All the Envtex features must be installed again to the simulator using Envdir after installing this patch. For questions and support please contact: SITE: http://togapjcts.wixsite.com/toga FORUM: http://togaprojects.proboards.com/ E-MAIL: togapjcts@gmail.com Best Regards, The simMarket Team ------ simFlight GmbH Werner-von-Siemens-Str. 28 24568 Kaltenkirchen Germany SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :
  14. Hi all, Orbx and our Melbourne-based development team (Josh, Mitch and I) are very excited to announce the next generation in flight simulator software installation. We are also looking for a group of people to help us test the functionality across Windows, macOS and Linux. If you're interested, please submit an application. Quite a few commonly requested features have made it into Central. We hope you enjoy them! Cross-platform We realise Windows may not be the first choice for many of our customers. For our X-Plane releases, we currently offer the cross-platform zip (available via your account page) for macOS and Linux users. However, for our X-Plane TrueEarth products, that means manually running scripts to convert the files into the format that X-Plane reads. Orbx Central is the first program to allow a product (e.g. KCGX Merrill C. Meigs Field) to be installed into FSX, Prepar3D, X-Plane and Aerofly on Windows, macOS and Linux. We think that’s pretty cool. Orbx Central on Windows and Linux Orbx Central on macOS Modern UI refresh We’ve taken the best parts of FTX Central 3, and improved them in Central. You’ll see large screenshots, clear text, and a responsive interface. The UI will appear the same on Windows, macOS and Linux. If you know how to use Central on one operating system, you know how to use it on all operating systems. When logging into Central, you’ll be presented with a beautiful screenshot. This screenshot will be updated each month thanks to our screenshot competition. The Central log in screen Home When you start Central, you’ll be presented with a beautiful Netflix-style homepage. We’ll use this to let you know what we’re working on, and also for inspiration towards completing your Orbx collection. Category view Finding a specific product in our haystack of products can sometimes be difficult. To make this easier, we’ve added a whole bunch of real-time filtering options. For the power users, you can press Ctrl + F to focus on the filter box (or Ctrl + Shift + F to search products in all categories). Filtering the category list in Central "My Products" view Central’s My Products view is a great way to see all of the Orbx products you own from all regional categories. This makes it easy to immediately start installing your products. Central's library view showing owned and installed products In-app purchasing Products can be easily purchased in Central in just a few clicks. The Orbx store experience is now fully integrated. Your browser does not support the video tag. That’s not all - we’ve taken it a step further. If you save your card in Central, you’ll be presented with a one-click purchase and install button. This takes away all the hassle of multiple menus and confirmation screens you may have experienced in the past when purchasing a product from us. Your card data is saved securely with our payment gateway. For more information, please see this link. Your browser does not support the video tag. Automatic updates If you own a lot of Orbx products, keeping them all up-to-date can be a pain. But now, products automatically update themselves to the latest version when your simulator is not running. If you don’t want automatic updates, you can disable them either per-product, or globally. Central's update settings page Add-on packages Recently, Lockheed Martin introduced the add-on package system into Prepar3D. This has a myriad of improvements over the traditional system of installing into the simulator directory, then hooking up the scenery in the scenery.cfg. We can now distribute immutable add-on packages, which install in their own directories outside the simulator. This means that if you choose to reinstall Prepar3D v4, you will not need to re-install your Orbx add-ons. After reinstalling Prepar3D v4, the next time you start the sim, your add-ons will be added again automatically. This can cut down the time for a completely fresh install of Prepar3D from hours to minutes. Another advantage of using the add-on package system is that you can enable and disable products that previously did not support that functionality. As an example, in FSX-P3Dv3, Global BASE will overwrite the core simulator’s textures. Whereas now, in Prepar3D v4, it just adds an additional texture directory that the simulator will use for textures instead. This means that you can enable and disable Global BASE with a single click. If you want to see what the sim looks like without any Orbx products, simply disable all of the Orbx “add-ons” from Prepar3D’s add-ons menu. It’s as simple as that! Libraries Now that we have truly massive products exceeding 120 GB, a common request is to install products to a custom location. With Central 4, this is now possible. The library settings page We have implemented a library system, similar to Steam’s libraries. When you install a product, you will be prompted to select which library you’d like to install that product to. You could have one library on a large HDD for storing region products, then have a smaller SSD for airports. It’s completely up to you. Central supports libraries for Prepar3D v4, X-Plane 11, and Aerofly FS 2. All other simulators will install into the simulator’s root directory. In Prepar3D v4, libraries make use of the add-on package system mentioned above. In X-Plane 11 and Aerofly FS 2, Central will automatically handle symbolically linking the relevant directories into the simulator. Downloader The download component has been re-engineered. It is now faster and more robust. We have done a lot of optimisation under the hood to ensure that installs don’t take any longer than necessary. As an example, the “scanning” stage for EGCB in FTX Central 3 took 4,080 milliseconds. Whereas in Central, it takes only 24 milliseconds. Although EGCB is a small product, the performance benefits here will be seen with products like Global VECTOR which contain over 60,000 files to scan. Furthermore, JPG to DDS conversions are now done whilst the product is downloading. This cuts down an installation of TrueEarth Great Britain South Demo from 9 minutes (in FTXC3) to less than 3 minutes in Central. More optimisation has also been applied to the various data formats Central uses when communicating with OrbxDirect’s API. This will mean less time between clicking install, and the actual install process starting. The download code is now also multithreaded, whereas previously only one file would be downloaded at a time. We now download multiple parts of the files simultaneously - similar to how a download manager works. Another improvement we’ve made is regarding the download queue. Previously, in FTX Central 3, you could only pause and cancel if the job was in the “download” state. But now, you can pause/cancel at any part of the installation process. Backup and restore In FTX Central 3 you have the ability to save and restore product backups - avoiding downloading them from the internet. However, it’s clunky, hard to use, and not very obvious. In Central, we’ve completely rethought how product backups and restores work. They are now seamless and happen in the background. When you install an Orbx product, we automatically backup the files to a location you designate (a cheap external backup HDD, for example). Then, if you install that product again in the future, we’ll automatically use the files from the backup without user intervention required at all. In addition to specifying the backup location, you can also specify a maximum size. So if you only want to allocate 50 GB for backups, Central will intelligently handle the files it backs up to avoid going over that limit. The backup settings page By automatically handling the backup process, this reduces the time it takes to install a product, amount of data you download (and therefore cost to us) and finally allows us to continue offering lifetime free downloads and a large library of freeware products. Account management You can now perform most account management tasks from within Central, including changing your password, opting in or out of Fastlane, and enabling Multi-Factor Authentication. The account settings page Multi-lingual support Don't speak English? That's okay! At launch, we will be offering the main Central UI in German and French too! Have any other language suggestions? Let us know (even better if you can help translate it with us ). Thank you to Richard Bui for the French translation! The Central UI in French. Once again, if you want to get early access and help us test Central, please submit an application. Expect a release of Central within the coming months! We're happy to answer any questions you may have SOURCE
  15. Bundled WX Advantage in P3D v4.5 Hotfix Military Visualizations <noreply@sendowl.com> 12:17 PM (2 hours ago) Reply to me Hi Stephen, You are on record as having bought the DHC-3 Otter Standard Edition from our store. Lockheed-Martin have just released a hotfix for P3D v4.5 ( This patch will fix the CTDs when running the Wx in Prepar3D v4.5 with the LM hotfix: https://milviz.com/Online_products/wx/MV_WX_Radar_v1.190514.zip Download & install (AV off as usual) If you have more than one MV plane with bundled Wx, this program will find instances and update them all in one shot. If you have the stand-alone WX, this program will not update it. Please refer to REX. Due to the nature of the email update system you will receive a copy of this email for each of your Wx bundled products. I apologise for the inconvenience. As always, for information on this release, product & installation support, or to report any issues you may be having, we would please ask that you join our product forums. Please contact me (oisin@milviz.com) for registration information and details. Your continued support and loyalty is greatly appreciated. All the best, Oisin Little Production Manager Military Visualizations 77 Mont-Royal West, Suite 402 Montreal, QC Canada H2T 2S5 SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :
  16. The length's some people will go to develop an accurate flight model. 😉 Alleged Eagle Dynamics Developer Jailed for Buying F-16 Manuals by CALUM MARTIN on 14TH MAY 2019 DCSNEWS FACEBOOK TWITTER REDDIT An alleged employee of Eagle Dynamics has been arrested for buying F-16 manuals to help with the development of the aircraft within combat flight sim DCS. According to the the Standard-Examiner, developer Oleg Mikhaylovich Tishchenko has been charged with “conspiring against the United States, smuggling and violating the Arms Export Control Act”. The Russian national claimed to be an employee of Eagle Dynamics and had been actively purchasing manuals for USAF fighter jets through eBay. However, as he was a Russian national, the law prevented him from buying the documentation directly due to international restrictions. To combat that, Tishchenko had enlisted the help of people within the US to buy the manuals and then ship them directly to him in Russia. The person who assisted him lived in Texas and agreed to help. In October 2011, the man sent the manuals to Tishchenko. Jokingly, the Texas man said “If I get busted can you send me a hacksaw?”. However, Tishchenko assured him that there would be no issue as the manuals were “obsolete”. It is said that the manuals contained “concise and clear instructions” for operating and maintaining F-16s. According to the report, an investigation was launched by Homeland Security and the US Air Force. Initially, he was charged back in 2016, however, was only arrested when Tishchenko had travelled to Georgia. For those who don’t know, Georgia has an extradition agreement with the United States. Agents on the investigation learned that between January 2012 and September 2015, Tishchenko then auctioned off the F-16 manuals to buyers across the world including Cyprus, Japan, Australia, Germany, Taiwan and the Netherlands. In 2016, an undercover agent then posed as a buyer and contacted Tishchenko. During these chats, it became clear that Tishchenko was still acquiring new manuals. In particular, those related to the A-10, the F-16C, F-35 and F-22. He told the agent “could guarantee that these manuals will not be provided to any third party, and I think even not shown to anyone in our company.” Eagle Dynamics has released a very brief statement on their forums suggesting that “nothing has changed” with their plans. They will issue a formal statement after they have discussed everything with their legal counsel. The full statement is below. Given the seriousness of this situation that Eagle Dynamics got pulled into, we will later issue a formal statement after discussion with legal counsel. Until then, nothing has changed with our future plans, and there is nothing more to say on this matter until we release an official statement. It has not been confirmed whether Oleg Mikhaylovich Tishchenko is or was an employee of Eagle Dynamics. When we contacted Eagle Dynamics for a response, we were told that the official response will be posted later today. The man from Texas was originally charged, but had them dropped last week. Source: Standard-Examiner For EU visitors: Kotaku / Flusinews Image Source: The National Interest SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : Alleged Eagle Dynamics Developer Jailed for Buying F-16 Manuals | FSElite FSELITE.NET An alleged employee of Eagle Dynamics has been arrested for buying F-16 manuals to help with the development of the aircraft within combat flight sim DCS. According to the the Standard-Examiner, developer
  17. [FSPS Store] File has been updated Hello Stephen Simmons, Product file has been updated and now available for download: FFTF_Dynamic_P3Dv4 Version: 1.5.1 Compatibility with P3D v4.5 Hotfix 1 SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :
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