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    prepar3d / fsx Captain Sim - GoodBye FSX

    Adios FSX, thank you for the high blood pressure. Thank you for trying to teach me patience (it didn't work). When you worked, you were a thing of beauty. When you didn't you were the biggest piece of #$%! I ever owned. It's with bittersweet feelings (more bitter) that I say goodbye. ~FSP
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  4. announced their Just Flight Duchess Model 76 for FSX and Prepar3D coming soon SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://www.flightsim.news/2018/10/just-flight-duchess-preview/
  5. Sky Simluations MD-11 v2 Released Sky Simulations bring their McDonnell Douglas MD-11 to P3Dv4. Myself, like many others, have been dying to get their hands on an MD-11 for Prepar3D version 4. Well, we are in luck! Sky Simulations, who brought us the DC-9, have released the McDonnell Douglas MD-11 for P3Dv4. A large number of features have been added to this new version. The McDonnell Douglas MD-11, predecessor to the Douglas DC-10, first flew in January of 1990 and was produced between 1988 and 1997 still under the McDonnell Douglas name, until Boeing purchased the company and continued the production for another 2 years before finally ending the MD-11 production. The MD-11 was the last wide-body tri-jet configuration to ever be produced. It is now only in cargo service with major cargo airlines such as FedEx and UPS. It’s last commercial flight was operated by KLM between Amsterdam’s Shciphol and Montreal. SOURCE INFO https://secure.simmarket.com/sky-simulations-sky-simulations-md-11-v-2.0.phtml https://fselite.net/news/sky-simluations-md-11-v2-released/
  6. QualityWings Simulations’ BAe146 In Beta For P3Dv4 I'm not too sure if previous owner's will get a discount or not? SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://fselite.net/news/qualitywings-simulations-bae146-in-beta-for-p3dv4/#comments
  7. Turbulent Design just made a great move (yeah no gruges !) by making 2O3 Angwin-Parret, a perfect place for your GA flights, very detailed, great ambiance and sounds as you taxi around... Free as now ! Even better : all the profits made on this scenery has been given to a charity ! https://www.turbulentdesigns.co.uk/forum/topic/833-2o3-angwin-parrett-field-now-free/ For good measures, I ordered it again 😛 SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : https://www.turbulentdesigns.co.uk/product/angwin-parrett/
  8. At long last an update is on it's way. SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/129325-any-word-on-pfpx-update/&page=2&tab=comments#comment-907143 NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://fselite.net/news/new-pfpx-update-coming-soon-previews-included/#comments
  9. Will it update automatically without writing to the devs ? (yeah sorry 😁😎)
  10. Vidan Design Release Aalborg X Vidan Design has just released Aalborg X for FSX and Prepar3D v4. The Danish airport is one of the largest in the country with frequent flights to a range of European destinations including Barcelona, London and the Foare Islands (perfect for the newly announced MK-Studios version). As per the usual high standards of Vidan Design, the airport includes many HD textures throughout, high quality airport buildings for both the civil and military sides of the airport and associated aircraft. To help with immersion, expect to see many animated ground vehicles, including civil and military. If you’re worried all these eye-candy features will hamper your PC, the developers have included a scenery configurator so everyone can edit to their desire. SOURCE INFO https://www.vidandesign.com/shop/?product=aalborg-x https://fselite.net/news/vidan-design-release-aalborg-x/
  11. Aerosoft Preview A330 Professional in Lufthansa Livery While many were pleased to see the Aersoft A330 Professioal being shown off, some were less than thrilled seeing it in the same DragonAir livery nearly every time it was shown off, and quite understandably so. That changes today with a “small Friday update” from Aerosoft developer Stefan Hoffmann, where he shows off his current work on the Lufthansa-skinned A330! SOURCE INFO http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/138237-aerosoft-a330-professional-preview/&page=20&tab=comments#comment-906606 https://fselite.net/previews/aerosoft-preview-a330-professional-in-lufthansa-livery/
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  13. FS-FlightControl Version 1.3.31 Released Over on their Facebook page, FS-FlightControl have announced an update to their software. Version 1.3.31 includes many improvements and introduces the following additions suggested by FS-FlightControl customers: Optional confirmation dialog before actual aircraft positioning that also allows one-time option changes (enable in settings). Map option to import and export POIs to CSV files. Further changes in version 1.3.31 include security upgrades, visual fixes, statistic fixes, network improvements, additional settings functionality and much more. For those interested, the changelog can be found here. You can grab a hold of the latest version by downloading it from their download page. FS-FlightControl has a price of €49.95 (Excl. VAT). A 14-day trial is available to those who would like to try before deciding to purchase this software. SOURCE INFO https://fselite.net/news/fs-flightcontrol-version-1-3-31-released/
  14. Moldova Scenery Design Shows Iași Intl’ (LRIA) Previews Over on their Facebook page, Moldova Scenery Design has posted 26 new WIP previews of their upcoming Iași International Airport (LRIA) scenery for Prepar3D v4. Iași Intl’ is a Romanian airport which serves 8 airlines and has routes to over 35 destinations within Europe. It’s an interesting airport to discover for someone who’s not flown much around the eastern side of Europe. We’ve been told to expect a release sometime next week at a price of €14.00* (Excl. VAT) on simMarket. Moldova Scenery Design has also exclusively provided us with a feature list for Iași Intl’. SOURCE INFO https://fselite.net/news/moldova-scenery-design-shows-iasi-intl-previews/
  15. Introducing New Mysterious Scenery?? – Guess to Win a Copy We were recently contacted by a new development group regarding a brand new scenery product that the two developers (who are also brothers) are creating. However, whilst they were kind to share some screenshots of their project, they were keeping us in the dark about which airport it actually is. After a bit of nagging and (basic) investigation, we determined what the airport is. In terms of background on the developers, they are both knowledgeable in modelling and aviation – giving them the chance to try their skill at scenery development. The two bothers are keen to push the sim to the limits, especially in the advent of the new GPU technology currently being released. SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : https://fselite.net/news/p3d-news/introducing-new-mysterious-scenery-guess-to-win-a-copy/
  16. UPDATE: DRZEWIECKI DESIGN - SEATTLE CITY X FSX P3D Dear simMarket Customer, at simMarket you can now find a new version of your product: DRZEWIECKI DESIGN - SEATTLE CITY X FSX P3D You will find the link to download this update from your user account -> orders listing -> respective detailed order page on the bottom. Seattle_City_X_v1.3.exe The installer is a complete replacement for previous versions, existing customers just need to remove the old version and install the new one. Should you have any questions please contact us via http://support.simmarket.com For technical support please contact the support addresses listed in the documentation for the respective product. The support addresses are also listed in the respective product description pages in our shop. Best Regards, The simMarket Team ------ simFlight GmbH Werner-von-Siemens-Str. 28 24568 Kaltenkirchen Germany Do not reply to this email as it will not be received. For any questions please see our support site at http://support.simmarket.com SOURCE INFO https://secure.simmarket.com DEVELOPER POST LINK : https://secure.simmarket.com NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://secure.simmarket.com
  17. You should say in the description that this one is a $5 purchase only !!!!
  18. Milviz Preview SR-71 With PVD Implementation In a quick little post to their Facebook page, Milviz showed off the latest preview of their upcoming SR-71A, this time with implementation of the PVD! For those who don’t find themselves buried in the SR-71 flight manual in their free time, I’ll give you a basic rundown of what the PVD is and how it’s used. PVD stands for Peripheral Vision Display, and is a device used for attitude orientation at night. The device projects a red, thinly focused, laser-generated line on the instrument panel that is parallel to the horizon. While this device can serve as a rudimentary roll and attitude indicator, the main purpose is for it to aid in overall spatial orientation when flying the aircraft at night, something that was previously a major issue in the SR-71. Those wanting to find more information on the PVD, or the SR-71 in general, can read the full and declassified flight manual. The Milviz SR-71 certainly looks to be progressing well, with the last shots we’ve seen showing off the gorgeous night lighting in the cockpit. Milviz hashatags on the post indicate that the aircraft is now in-game, so hopefully more information on the aircraft’s state will be available soon. When we have any new information concerning the SR-71, we’ll try to be the first to share! (we also plan to review the aircraft when it releases, so stay tuned for that!) SOURCE INFO https://fselite.net/previews/milviz-preview-sr-71-with-pvd-implementation/
  19. ImagineSim Singapore (WSSS) Official Trailer During Flight Sim 2018, we shared with visitors to our stand the official trailer for ImagineSim’s next airport: Singapore (WSSS). The 3 minute trailer showcases the terminal buildings, the surrounding city-scape and the gorgeous night lighting found on Singapore’s building. Now we’re able to share with the wider community the same trailer. SOURCE INFO https://fselite.net/previews/imaginesim-singapore-wsss-official-trailer/
  20. REX Release Statement on SimAir RealEnvironmentX or REX have released a short statement on the development of SimAir. SimAir has been in development for quite some time now and since the REX developers had stopped putting out updates, status reports etc, people assumed that the project was dead, but a recent post on the REX forums clearly states “it is still very much alive“. A REX Developer also said that the project is simply on hold due to other focuses of other REX products. I personally have never heard of SimAir until now. Which goes to show that development has not been progressed well. A little bit of background info on what SimAir is, since there has been very little info released lately. SimAir is similar to what FSPassengers is, but is much more complex then just creating an airline and flying. The way REX is describing this, makes it sound like a multiplayer online game where you compete against other pilots. You can create your own airline, whether that be a major world-wide airline, a small regional airline, or cargo operations. You can also hire, or be hired by other users to fly for their airline. Much like a virtual airline. If you would like to checkout a full and detailed list of what SimAir is and how it can impact your simulation experience, the REX website will give you all the information you need. REX stated that there will be another update regarding SimAir on Monday, November 26th, 2018. If you want to be there for when this update is released, it will be available on the REX forums. SOURCE INFO https://www.realenvironmentxtreme.com/forums/ https://fselite.net/news/rex-release-statement-on-simair/
  21. SOURCE INFO STORE LINK : https://secure.simmarket.com/simbitworld-a-pilots-life.phtml WEBSITE LINK : http://www.simbitworld.ro/aplDetails.html
  22. Captain Sim 757 Freighter Paint Kit Available Captains, The 757 Repaint Kit is updated, now it includes the Freigher templates. Which means the community can start producing the -200PF, -200PCF, -200SF and -200M repaints for the upcoming 757 Freighter Expansion: https://captainsim.net/products/y757/sops SOURCE INFO NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :
  23. Aerosoft Release More Cologne Bonn (Köln/Bonn) Previews Aerosoft announced the development of Cologne Bonn (Köln/Bonn) EDDK Airport back in October 2017 and they’ve since been releasing eye-candy development previews and updates for us over on the forum thread. Along with the previews, the developer, Jo Erlend, has mentioned that we are to expect some more news regarding the scenery this week. In the previews, you notice the attention paid to the immense level of detail on the ramp, objects, terminal and ground markings. There even are 3D characters featured inside of the detailed terminal interior. Going back through the thread, there’s mention from Jo Erlend that the Prepar3D v4 version will be released before Cologne is brought to older platforms such as FSX and Prepar3D v3 as it will need to be reworked due to being beyond the scope of any 32bit platform’s memory capacities. While this scenery is obviously being developed with P3D v4 specifically in mind, X-Plane users shouldn’t worry as Cologne Airport will be ported over to the platform in the near future as it was mentioned on the thread by Aerosoft’s Product Manager, Jan Depenbusch. SOURCE INFO http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/127688-kölnbonn-airport-preview/&page=13&tab=comments#comment-904857 https://fselite.net/previews/aerosoft-release-more-cologne-bonn-previews/
  24. RealWorld Scenery Dayton International Airport (KDAY) Released After four years of work and multiple visits to the airport to take pictures and study the detail, RealWorld Scenery releases their first full-sized international airport, James M. Cox Dayton International Airport (KDAY). Dayton Intl’ is developed with the utmost attention to detail by RealWorld Scenery claiming that they’ve got it as close to the real thing as they possibly can. It’s designed for and only compatible with Prepar3D v4 taking advantage of the latest development methods Prepar3D v4 has to offer. It’s fully compatible and blends well with Orbx FTX Global and OpenLC North America and has features such as dynamic lighting, highly detailed buildings, high-resolution textures and seasonal textures throughout with optimisation and performance in mind. RealWorld Scenery Dayton Intl’ airport can be yours for €23.00 (Excl. VAT) over at simMarket. SOURCE INFO https://secure.simmarket.com/realworldscenery-kday-james-m.-cox-dayton-international-airport.phtml https://fselite.net/news/realworld-scenery-dayton-international-airport-released/
  25. Immersive Audio Announces 737NG CFM Soundpack Update Post-release of the Immersive Audio 737NG CFM Immersion Soundpack, customers criticised the product saying the engine sounds lack bass. Immersive Audio announces that they will be releasing an update to surprise their customers with the more bassy sounds they want. For their updated sounds, Immersive Audio say that they were not satisfied with the overall quality of some recordings that they’ve received for their updated soundpack so they’ve decided to wait for new ones, and as most people already know, they won’t release anything unless it passes their quality test. All of their sound packs will now be developed and tested for the utmost bass delivering sound with the ButtKicker Tactile Shaker. If you own the ButtKicker Tactile Shaker and you’re not using in-sim telemetry data for sending vibration effects, you can rest assured that their sounds will deliver natural feeling vibrations. You can grab a hold of the Immersive Audio 737NG CFM Soundpack over at simMarket for 25% off (€7.35 Excl. VAT) until October 14th. SOURCE INFO https://secure.simmarket.com/immersive-audio-737ng-cfm-immersion-soundpack-hd-fsx-p3d.phtml https://fselite.net/news/immersive-audio-announces-737ng-cfm-immersion-soundpack-update/
  26. Some important knowledge from the often ignored MANUAL... PREPAR3D V4 NATIVE CUSTOM GROUND Since Prepar3d v2, a new feature is the ability to use custom ground in native P3D v2/v3/v4 SDK code, which in turn is not only better looking due to the effects that comes along with it, but also much more efficient in terms of performance. It is not a perfect option yet, since unlike its SCASM counterpart, the P3D v2/v3/v4 native ground materials cannot use seasonal textures. The native custom ground is active by default. If you don't wish to use native custom ground poly, open your TropicalSim\KMCI2018\Scenery folder and rename " kmci2018_solo_p3dv4_native.BGL " to " kmci2018_solo_p3dv4_native.OFF " and then rename " kmci2018_solo_p3dv4_scasm.OFF" to " kmci2018_solo_p3dv4_scasm.BGL ". If you wish to go back to native ground, open your TropicalSim\KMCI2018\Scenery folder and rename the file called " kmci2018_solo_p3dv4_scasm.BGL" to " kmci2018_solo_p3dv4_scasm.OFF" and then rename the file called " kmci2018_solo_p3dv4_native.OFF" to " kmci2018_solo_p3dv4_native.BGL" SODE JETWAYS We have inserted optional SODE activated jet bridges. If you wish to use them, delete the file "kmci2018_jetway_static_placer_B.bgl" and " kmci2018_jetway_static_placer_C.bgl " from your TropicalSim\KMCI2018\Scenery folder. Also copy the contents from the "TropicalSim\KMCI2018\SODE\xml" folder into SODE's main XML folder (normally C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\xml) as well as the contents from the "TropicalSim\ KMCI2018\SODE\SimObjects" folder into SODE's main SimObjects folder (normally "C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\SimObjects") In order to use SODE activated jetways, you need to download SODE. At least version 1.4.0 is required. You can download the latest SODE version from the official website: http://sode.12bpilot.ch/
  27. JustSim/Digital Design has released their highly anticipated Brussels (EBBR) scenery. This product comes with a number of features which include various SODE objects (including jetways), blending with FTX Global and OLC Europe and high-resolution ground textures. This scenery is compatible with P3D v4 only but will release for X-Plane 11 in the near future and can be purchased from SimMarket for a price of EUR 23.50. Looking forward to getting this one. Check out the video on FSElite. SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://fselite.net/news/justsim-digital-design-brussels-released/
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