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xplane Nhadrian's (freeware) mod for Carenado C152 XP11

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An X-Plane user called Adrian recently announced a Zibo-style modification to Carenado's ageing C152 II for X-Plane.

It looks to be really promising, as a C152 pilot myself I am certainly looking forward to it. 

Until Justflight's C152 arrives for X-Plane, this seems to be a great alternative. Can't wait.

You can see a preview of the aircraft by following this link: https://flightdeckx.com/review-carenado-c152-ii-with-nhadrians-mod/

Me being swept away by this hype:

invasion of the body snatchers GIF





NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :  https://flightdeckx.com/announcing-nhadrians-mod-for-the-carenado-c152-ii/

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