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xplane Amazing tutorials for FF A320 by a real pilot | XP11

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I’ve just found the following series on YouTube, I don’t think they’ve been included on the TSL forum before (apologies if they have).

Please see below links to a series of very informative and clear videos from a REAL pilot on the Flight Factor A320 for X-Plane 11. These are a must for anyone that wants to get as close to the  real deal. Including more advanced features and systems (plus 3 types of approach ILS, RNAV and  VOR). To get the most out of these videos ensure you read the notes for each video which provide clarifications and corrections.

I am a fan of the Aerosoft A319-A321 for FSX, but on seeing this I realise the FF A320 is a step up in terms of accuracy of systems in the real bird!


#1 Cold and dark start through to cruise:

#2 descent to landing (ILS):

#3  vectors go-around and autoland:

#4 RNAV approach:

#5 VOR approach:




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