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TFDi Releases 717 Performance Update


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After consultation with 717 users over the last several weeks, developer TFDi has released update for their 717 product which promises some much needed performance updates.

Update brings what TFDi calls ‘remarkable improvements’ to product performance, including a new display rendering system that is both significantly clearer, faster, and less resource intensive. The developer says that they have ‘created a bridge’ that allows the software to render the displays using the same system that RealLight and TrueGlass uses to render at ‘higher refresh rates with low performance impact’. This replaces the slower gauge rendering system used in previous versions.

TFDi has also created a new texture processing system that allows for better compression ‘without reducing the visual quality of RealLight textures’. This means the updated software will reduce texture memory consumption by almost 66 percent. According to TFDi, users who have previously experienced issues due to video memory consumption should notice a video memory usage reduction of close to 300mb.


The developer has also reworked the sound engine, reducing some unnecessary resource consumption, which should result in minor performance improvements and FPS stability.

TFDi is known for being extremely responsive to community feedback, and these changes come after working closely with 717 users who have been affected by bugs and performance issues. In order to take advantage of these changes, users must be part of the Community Opt-In Beta. Simply open your TFDi Addon Manager and the update will be downloaded and applied. TFDi reminds users to be patient with the new technology and says there may be some ‘hiccups’ that will be fixed in future updates, and they invite users to report their experiences in the TFDi forums.


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