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cargospotter AIRBUS A350 AIRSHOW with stunning SHARP TURNS - ILA 2018 (4K)

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The Airbus A350 of the Airbus Company in the special carbon color sheme visisted the ILA 2018 Berlin - the biggest german aviation fair. Although Berlin is further away for me than Paris or Farnborugh I drove to the Airport to get a video of this stunning flying display. If you read the description of my previous A350 "vertical" - video you may have noticed that I wasn` t able to upload the entire airshow cause my laptop had some issues with the 4K footage :D. Now here is the full airshow with several sharp A350 turns.

The captain of this flight performed an incredible flying display to show the audience the capabilities of such a big civil aviation plane. It`s almost as maneuverable as a fighter jet.

Thanks for watching, new videos every tuesday and friday.


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