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xplane Navajo Tribal Park (Monument Valley) by Frank Dainese and Fabio Bellini for Xplane11 preview

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Here we are the first images of the new scenario for Xplane 11: 
Navajo Tribal Park or simply Monumnet Valley. 
It is a completely rebuilt and renovated remake of one of my scenery for FSX (Orbx). 
A spectacular area, where nature has generously creating stunning landscapes and incredible beauty. 
The area is between the states of Utha and ARIZONA, covers about 350 square kilometers and is the border between the degrees + + 37-111 and 36-111. 
Ben 21 3D models of the main peaks derived from DEM data and then reworked and completed with 4K textures (UHD). 
No orthophotos used but all the ground rebuilt with typical of the area polygon / texture (desert).
The mesh completely reconstructed by Fabio and adapted to the positioning of 3D models. Moreover, all the streams reconstructed. 
All the main buildings played. The four most characteristic areas (Airport, Oljato, View Hotel, John Ford Point) played with many details. 
Scenario only suitable for VFR flight, helicopter, aerolite ... 
1 Airport (UT25) Monument Valley and other heliports 2 (View Hotel, John Ford Point) to facilitate the flight by helicopter. 
It will be available during the summer. Here are some preview pictures ...

(Text translated by Google)













DEVELOPER POST LINK :  http://scenarialpinifsx.blogspot.com


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