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air-clips STUNNING 4K 360°-CAM! Guy never flown before filmed doing Takeoffs & Landings!!! [AirClips360]

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Our new [AirClips360] series provides you with top-notch 4K 360° in-flight views. Make sure your smartphone or computer gives you access to the 360° mode where you can freely navigate your view into nay direction you wish. If you have also try with VR goggles - it's just amazing! Enjoy!

Watch this tutorial for best enjoying 360° content: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J3WfK7_J-Zg

For this flight Flugschule Hamburg (Hamburg Flight School, a division of Air Hamburg) allowed us to fit one of their Cessna 172 training aircraft with our AirClips equipment. This gives you the chance to enjoy watching Flight Instructor Fabian (right seat into flight direction) surveilling the very first flight maneuvers of a guy without pilot's license or any flight experience. This so called "Schupperflug" ("trial flight") is an officially authorized way for non-pilots to first-hand experience the feeling of flying so that thereafter people can decide whether they want to continue with a pilot's training.

Book your own Schnupperflug today: flugschule-hamburg.de/item/schnupperflug

The pictured flight originated from and went back to Uetersen airfield close to Hamburg, Germany. The airplane went south of river Elbe and then back.

Air Hamburg Luftverkehrsgesellschaft mbH is a German airline based in Hamburg. It offers scheduled and charter flights to German North Sea islands as well as international flights with business jets.
Originally the two young entrepreneurs Floris Helmers and Alexander Lipsky conducted the Flight School Hamburg and enlarged it in the last years. The business has since been expanded with sightseeing and taxi flights to the North and East Frisian Islands under the name AIR HAMBURG with single and twin-engined aircraft in 2005. Besides Sylt, the destinations Helgoland, Juist and Norderney were added subsequently. Another brand, AIR HAMBURG Private Jets was also established to offer business jet charter services to more distant destinations from Hamburg Airport. The company employs 54 members of staff.
Air Hamburg maintains the following four business units:
Air Hamburg: With their own fleet, consisting of twin-engined machines of the type Britten-Norman Islander and Cessna 172 SP, AIR HAMBURG offers scheduled services to the North Sea islands from their base at Uetersen Airport or alternatively Hamburg Airport.
Air Hamburg Private Jets: Air Hamburg also operates a fleet of Cessna Citation Private Jet aircraft capable of flights to any destination.
Flight School Hamburg: The flight school offers training within the guidelines of JAR-FCL. The Flight School is one of the LBA accepted FTO (flight training organisation), which trains private and professional and traffic pilots. The following licenses can be acquired: PPL (A), IR (A), CPL (A) and ATPL (A).


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