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Ivana Fly

orbx Along the Adriatic.

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My latest jet liner flight is from LDDU to EHAM in the beautiful 744.

The first part takes us along the Adriatic towards the Alps.



An early start at LDDU to take a plane load of tourists back to their homes in the Netherlands.

Everything safely shut and ready to fire up the motors.



Only a short flight so a light fuel load means plenty of runway left on take off.



Briefly over Montenegro and the Bay of Kotor or Boka, "The Bay."



Over northern Dalmatia at Ervenik.



Approaching the Paklenica NP with the Velebit ridge.



The Gorski Kotar mountain region called the Green Lungs of Croatia because of it's large forested areas.



Looking across at the Gulf of Fiume, the last glimpse of the sea before the flight across central Europe.



Ahead is Ljubljana, the cital of Slovenia and beyond some rugged mountains of the Alps.



The Slovene Hills of Slovenia



A last look at Northern Slovenia before heading over The Alps.


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