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topfelya Flying through Mountains Low Level Fly Past Tucano Mach Loop Wales 2018

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Basic fast jet flying training at North Wales Mach Loop 13/06/2018
The Tucano T1 combines the economy of turboprop power with jet-like handling and is capable of providing a full range of aircrew training. Formation flying, low-level navigation, poor weather flying and aerobatic handling are taught on 72(R) Sqn, taking advantage of the aircraft’s excellent endurance to maximise sortie utility. From its base in North Yorkshire, The Tucano is able to fly training sorties as far away as Wales and central Scotland, finding the most suitable weather and taking advantage of varied training environments.
Read more here https://www.raf.mod.uk/aircraft/tucano-t1/


Powerplant: one 1,150shp Honeywell TPE331-12B turboprop engine
Length: 32ft 4¼in (9.86m)
Height: 11ft 1¾in (3.40m)
Wingspan: 37ft (11.28m)
Wing area: 208sqft (19.33m2)
Maximum take-off weight: 6,470lb (2,935kg)
Maximum level speed at: 10,000ft 277kt (513km/h)
Maximum rate of climb at sea level: 3,270ft/min (997m/min) Range 954nm (1,767km)
Maximum altitude: 25,000ft

F-15 LOW LEVEL https://youtu.be/lmH3-uHLxig

I'm highly recommend you to watch my mate (Elwyn R) stunning videos from this beautiful location here https://youtu.be/0Wzh7Hou30s

Also you can visit my Facebook page for an updates and info when new video will be posted https://www.facebook.com/topfelya

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/topfelya/

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