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x-plane KRABI4XPLANE Part3 "the lawless Outback"

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 After the two GTA cartoonish places Bamboo Island and Ko Poda Island in front of Krabis coastline, I took a few weeks vacation on the mainland to find out how to deal with a huge map without autogen. How to give the rocks the right look and how to make the rainforest look like rainforest. In the course of this I have built a wild illegal airstrip that is so terrible that you can only land with STOL Planes and helicopters. Around the runway I tried to capture the typical Thai chaos and . I am determined to provide an executable version of this free of charge this year. My focus in this project is  on acting against the perfect clean sim world where there are only beautiful things - especially the dark side of the area to work out Here are current WIP impressions.

TmCvKQV.jpg hNanjn3.png  hFwB45W.png

bv9oYr6.jpg Xfl0qis.jpg  pHY0gKg.jpg  2kM7BjZ.jpg  MvxEcIe.jpg  Gl5vqLs.jpg   Gl5vqLs.jpg  DvV9uec.jpg IgvkmN3.jpg  wL2jl7I.jpg  hll1hOW.jpg  5Twlu9Q.jpg  WJeicOU.jpg  oUPL5QV.jpg P0hhZzT.jpg  Dh0tLUG.jpg  48kGR77.png


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So you have quarters in XP11 already Edson 😎 How classy will be your firt flights on the new far side !

This attention to details btw ! Keep up your good work Monoblau 👍

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17 hours ago, Dreadmetis said:

Oh my... ;)


You're doing GREAT at fishing Edson 😜

i have not started yet. i am working on a mountain called "O´Mount Gedson" in the shape of his head with a wide open mouth.  Inside there will be a airport. I  did some unusual modification on his tounge which is now 500 % longer because i also want airliners to land there on the toungnway Nr. 04 😃 

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