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announcement FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: New Patron Sponsor, Branding's Tractor Supply Co.!

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We're very excited today to announce our newest Sponsor, Branding's Tractor Supply Co.! As you may know we fly into some pretty small strips around the world. This gives us an edge as many farms are located in remote areas.  Today we secured a deal with Branding's that will guarantee us the transport contract!


What's this all about anyways!?

Well it all starts off with a huge thank you to Sky Lounge Patron @BrandingIron1900! He recently increased his commitment by subscribing at the Gold Club SPONSOR level.  At this level Patrons get a slew of creative "thank you's" that will be seen community-wide.

Have a brand or product to promote? This is for you! Don't have a company but want to show your support in a creative way? We've got you covered.  A fictional "brand" will be created by a designer for you, we'll work with you to create this.  This brand will appear in various places around the community, it could be on custom liveries, crates in planes, definitely on all our web properties, and possibly even as cargo inside The Skypark. That's just the start really, we'll even have the ability to thank our sponsors in streams publicly and other creative ways.  A huge thank you goes out to Patrons at this tier, your commitment goes a very long way in helping us move forward.

Wan't more info? http://www.gamewisp.com/TheSkyLounge


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