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Ivana Fly

orbx Pender Harbor CAG8 to Refuge Cove YRC

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A video of Larry R's upcoming, eagerly awaited, atmospherically beautiful, painstakingly modelled, freeware release, YRC Refuge Cove.


Just one issue I found in the beta, duplicated sound at Refuge Cove causing echo and frame rate issues, in this video but now fixed.


This video is quite tedious if you're not really interested in picking up landmarks in marginal weather to get to your destination, but for anyone who appreciates good old VFR flight using only the good old Mk I eyeball, it should be interesting enough.  Should be enough landmarks pointed out for anyone to get to Refuge Cove from the southern direction, for instance you could depart from Comox CCX6 or similar, fly NE until you identified Savaray Island and make your way to Refuge Cove from there.  Have fun when it is released!




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