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cargospotter BOEING 757 vs. WOMAN - Dangerous JETBLAST at SKIATHOS

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We all know that feeling. While just trying to walk along a street we suddenly get hit by the jetblast of a departing Boeing 757 out of nowhere. At least that` s what happened to this poor woman at Skiathos while a Boeing 757 of Tui Airlines started its takeoff run at the most famous airport in europe.

Skiathos is also known as the "european St. Martin". I decided to do a "best of Skiathos" video. The inner tube which was pulled out of the car by the jetblast of a Boeing 757 was a funny situation aswell. Whenever you visit Skiathos you see lots of stuff and people flying around cause they underestimate the power of a departing plane. The biggest plane which is allowed to land at Skiathos Airport is a Boeing 757-200.

Thanks for watching. New videos every tuesday and friday.


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