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orbx Updates for PAVD & LEBB

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Marcus from Orbx shared a few more preview shots of his two upcoming sceneries, Valdez Pioneer Field (PAVD), and Bilbao (LEBB). Check out the post and the small updates below for each product.

Valdez Pioneer Field (PAVD)

This update will bring with it L93 Robe Lake, which is located just south of Vladez Pioneer Field. The seaplane base is perfect for mountain views and more. The new update will also bring dynamic lighting and ground specular effect with it.


Bilbao (LEBB)


Some big changes are coming with Bilbao. This includes updated ground textures, high-resolution apron and taxiways and brand new runway textures making it more lifelike than before. Work has also gone into the terminal textures as well.

If you’re keen already, you can purchase both Valdez Pioneer Field (PAVD) and Bilbao (LEBB) from Orbx now.


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Just thought I would share a few screens from our coming updates for PAVD & LEBB.



PAVD - Valdez Pioneer Field


For Valdez we are adding something I honestly missed the first time around, which is a bit embarrasing: the seaplane base L93 Robe Lake located just a few kilometers south of PAVD. It's an incredibly beautiful spot for a seaplane base with the sourrunding mountains and finally you will now have a proper place to park your seaplane when visiting Valdez.


The P3D version of the update will also cover dynamic lights for the airport and ground specular effects at PAVD.




LEBB - Bilbao


The Bilbao update will bring updated groundtextures for the airport with completely new runway textures and higher resolution throughout the apron and taxiways. Also a slightly new apperance for the terminal textures have been added.




I hope you enjoyed the screens & that you are all having a nice weekend,






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