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cargospotter BOEING 747 vs. FOLLOW ME CAR - Impressive size comparison (4K)

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The Follow me car goes to the left and the Boeing 747 goes to the right. Like the Boeing 747 tries to say "You small tiny car don` t disrespect us and tell us what to do". I am always impressed by the size difference of a normal car and a Boeing 747. The shown Boeing 747 in the video is a Boeing 747-8, the newest Jumbo version of Boeing. It` s still being produced and UPS just ordered a bunch of them which was quite important for Boeing because the 747 production almost came to an end.

Air Bridge Cargo is a company from Russia which just started operating cargo flights at Liege about a year ago. The video was filmed last thursday at Liege Airport and the B747 departed ferry to Milan from runway 22L.

New videos every tuesday and friday.


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