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to those who love the older jets "Mr Edson"

this just popped up on my radar 


let's hear it gents



Thank you.

I have been working like blazes on it.  Still with nothing to show off, because it's a bit like dismantling a car to improve it, and I'm still in the garage with all the oily bits scattered about.  You've seen the changes to the passenger cabin (above).  The most recent work has been on the nose cone, which was different on the Comet 1-2, Comet 4 and then Comet 4B/4C.  The Comet 1 had curved windscreen centre panels, which were beautifully aerodynamic, but gave problems with visibility and misting up.  The Comet 4 had flat glass, with heated gold film elements on all windows, which improved the clarity of the view, but pilots complained that the view forwards on approach was not good, so the windscreen line was raised considerably on the Comet 4B and 4C.  This is shown below.




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