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prepar3d / fsx Fixing Dual Christ Statues in Paulo Ricardo Mega Rio

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First off since I you probably didn't read the manual you'll need to DISABLE "RIO DE JANEIRO" in your Scenery Library, it's listed near the bottom with other cities...


Then navigate to:

Prepar3D v4\Scenery\0405\scenery


Finally: rename OBX36400.bgl to OBX36400.bgl.OFF


THE SCENERY: http://secure.simmarket.com/paolo-ricardo-fsx-mega-route-rio-sao-paulo-and-natal-city-pack-5.phtml


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On 3/14/2018 at 8:01 PM, angeli662 said:

And don't forget double bridges too.

bridge GIF


Yea that too! It kills the double bridges!

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