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    BuildingsHD for P3D and FSX: On Final Approach! The long-awaited next installment in the HD series is almost here! BuildingsHD overhauls the autogen buildings throughout the world with all-new, 4K, regionally-accurate textures and FPS-friendly 3D models. What TreesHD did for vegetation, BuildingsHD does for your sim’s structures: It replaces the old, default textures and models with beautiful, authentic, highly detailed new ones to lend a new depth of realism to the landscape across the globe. Buzzing the rooftops, approaches over cities, and taxiing at urban airports has never looked so real, with textures four times more detailed than before! All new textures feature ambient occlusion shadows, stunning new night lighting, high-rez rooftops derived from drone photography, and more. We’ve pulled out all the stops to really take the autogen system to a whole new level! A monumental undertaking three years in the making, lead developer Scott Armstrong has painstakingly overhauled over 900 texture sheets, containing 3,860 individual building textures. During project development, Scott traveled to over a dozen countries throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia to take on-location source photos, resulting in remarkably authentic architectural variations. The difference is especially apparent in Global regions which have never before seen the full Orbx region treatment: Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and South America now, for the first time ever, feature buildings that are highly accurate to their true-life counterparts. Additionally, FS legend Bill Womack has lent his 3D modelling skills in completely overhauling over 400 3D models in the default 3D building library! Those clunky-looking low-poly default water towers, generic fast food restaurants, apartment buildings, and blurry-looking factories will be replaced with brand new beautiful models that are at once highly detailed and performance-optimized. Barns, religious structures, shopping malls, gas stations, and more have been redone to blend in with the new textures (Note – OrbxLibs buildings will not be modified). Paris, France Madrid, Spain Prague, Czech Republic Library Object - Retail Buildings Phoenix, United States Santiago, Chile Sydney, Australia BuildingsHD Feature List High-Definition building textures at 4K resolution covering the entire world Regionally accurate buildings worldwide, derived from on-location photos taken in many countries throughout the globe Brand new 3D building models for complex autogen objects, created by Bill Womack Ambient Occlusion shadows baked on to building textures for added depth and realism High resolution rooftops derived from drone photos Incredibly realistic night textures for an immersive new night flying experience Designed to work seamlessly with all Orbx products, including Global, all openLC products, regions, and airports; or without any other Orbx products installed Completely compatible with FSX, FSX:SE and P3Dv1-v4 Easy download and installation in Orbx Central By Scott Armstrong and Bill Womack FAQ Q. Which buildings will BuildingsHD improve? A. BuildingsHD improves the appearance of autogen buildings worldwide. Autogen buildings consist of the generic houses, office buildings, apartments, and various complex 3D buildings, which constitute the vast majority of buildings seen worldwide in the sim. However, it will NOT improve the custom POI objects of various individual real-world buildings that are included with FSX and P3D (usually consisting of the tallest several buildings or most famous landmarks in major cities throughout the world), nor will it affect the appearance of airport buildings. Q. Will BuildingsHD change the geometry of the default autogen buildings to make them more detailed? A. BuildingsHD will greatly increase the texture fidelity of the default buildings, but it will not alter the 3D geometry of most simple autogen structures (such as houses, most office buildings, etc). However, it will replace the more complex default autogen models such as water towers, restaurants, religious structures, complex office buildings, and shopping centers seen sporadically throughout the landscape with more detailed, realistic 3D models. Q. Will BuildingsHD increase the regional variation seen in buildings throughout the world? A. No. BuildingsHD modifies existing textures and models to make them more regionally accurate, but it will not increase the variation of building types beyond what already exists within the sim and the Orbx product catalog. Q. How will BuildingsHD affect my sim’s performance? A. Testing thus far has not shown a significant impact on FPS. However, due to the increased size of the new textures, a modern graphics card with ample VRAM is recommended. Compatibility BuildingsHD is designed to work with all versions of FSX and P3D, and will work seamlessly with all current Orbx products. If you don’t own any other Orbx products, BuildingsHD will also function as a standalone program and will work with a default installation of FSX/P3D. BuildingsHD will replace the current building textures and default autogen.bgl library objects for most Orbx products, including: Global OpenLC Europe, North America, and South America All currently available P3D/FSX regions EXCEPT TrueEarth Great Britain South, TrueEarth Netherlands, EU Germany North, and EU Germany South (these regions come pre-packaged with their own custom detailed autogen buildings). Pricing Orbx BuildingsHD will be available exclusively via OrbxDirect for AUD $34.95 (approx. USD $24.25/ €21.50 / £19.00). BuildingsHD is now entering the final stages of testing, and we are working diligently towards release. While we finish up the remaining work, please enjoy these screenshots! Porto, Portugal Porto, Portugal Bordeaux, France Lyon, France Lyon, France Paris, France Stockholm, Sweden Berlin, Germany Cologne, Germany (Night) Cologne, Germany (Night) Cologne, Germany (Night) Prague, Czech Republic (Night) Cairo, Egypt Cairo, Egypt Lagos, Nigeria Lagos, Nigeria Mumbai, India Mumbai, India Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia Tokyo, Japan Tokyo, Japan Bangkok, Thailand Bangkok, Thailand Sydney, Australia Sydney, Australia Sydney, Australia (Night) Kapolei, Hawaii Santiago, Chile Havana, Cuba Havana, Cuba Houston, TX, United States Ontario, CA, United States San Diego, CA, United States Kansas City, MO, United States Boise, ID, United States Seattle, WA, United States Library Object - Farm Library Object - Highrise Apartment Library Object - Water Tower Library Object - Greenhouses Library Object - Retail Buildings Library Object - Rooftop Helipad SOURCE
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