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    Welcome to September! You can find first releases for this month below! GSX Profiles Armi Projects Kuwait City Armi Projects Muscat (P3Dv4 version) Dynamic Lighting Armi Projects Kuwait City Tropicalsim Trieste Liveries Air Canada FSLabs A320 (C-FPWE, C-FPWD) Viking Hellas FSLabs A320 (SX-SMU) Jetstar Aerosoft A320 (VP-VFO) China Eastern Aerosoft A320 (B-9945) China Eastern Aerosoft […] SOURCE:
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    According to a message that has appeared on Avast Hack Check, it would appear that data from Flight1 has been stolen as a database was breached. The alleged breach, according to Avast, would have happened on an unconfirmed date and would affect 152 482 accounts. The stolen data would contain e-mail addresses, as well as […] SOURCE:
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