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    Flightbeam Summer Sale Start Now! Our Summer Sale is now on! This doesn't happen very often: every single product in our shop is discounted up to 40% off. Our Summer Sale ends on July 22, so act quickly to save now! What better way to heat up your already-warm home than to run P3D/FSX and a heavily detailed, beautiful scenery? SHOP NOW Did you know? Our new webstore is live! shop.flightbeam.net We no longer use Esellerate and we no longer require serial numbers for Flightbeam Store purchases. All your orders are under one account. You just need to login to access your products in the shop and the Flightbeam Manager. For more info, see our new store FAQ. DEVELOPMENT NEWS NZAA - Auckland International Airport Our official airport survey has been completed. With the cooperation of airport ops we successfully captured every grain of detail from this airfield and is currently in full production. KIAD - Washington Dulles International Update Coming Soon A sizeable update is coming soon for KIAD, which will include SODE Jetways, Dynamic Lighting and lots of fixes. Copyright © 2019 Flightbeam Studios, All rights reserved. Want to change how you receive these emails? You can update your preferences or unsubscribe from this list. ReplyForward SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :
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    So, what happened on approach, are you not doing that anymore? SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :
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    Objects to maximum, Reflections to minimum, Texture Resolution Maximum Compressed, AA 4XSSAO. If your frames starts to suffer, Try these settings one at a time, Scenery Shadows OFF, Objects High, AA2XSSAO, Texture Resolution High. You want 30 Frames as a minimum...if it drops below the flightmodel starts to suffer.
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