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  1. Today started the "Salon du Bourget" in Paris-Le Bourget (near Roissy Charles-de-Gaulle airport). There are some professional days before the public can access it this WE, but you can still have a good look at the variety of aeroplanes presented, be helis, jets, sailplanes, electric planes, military or civil/ commercial stuff.. Enjoy from the official channel : SOURCE INFO CHANNEL LINK : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkrdQVJKr1Agdw5AQwvTKCw
  2. We heard that there was something going on under the carpet of some members of TSL, now the information is finally out ! It will come exclusive to OrbX Direct and will be a tool about "having something to do in our sims", with persistence, economy, jobs, logs... I received it in the letter from OrbX : The video : SOURCE INFO NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : The Skypark - Orbx ORBXDIRECT.COM One World, Unlimited Adventure. Flight simulation can be pretty dull without a feeling of purpose. Even the most adventurous simmers can give in to flying only familiar routes. As a pilot in The Skypark, you can plot a course of worldwide adventures and financial success. Wonder where you'll go first? Our virtual dispatcher Ivana Fly can help, your only job is to fly!
  3. People, we have virtually no infos on what's gonna be "in the box" of this sim. Like the TBM in the trailer/ screenshots has G1000 instead of G3000 in the real plane. Photogrammetry is a great technic but has a lot of flaws when it come to animations. Will it be about streamed textures/ mesh or will it cost terabytes of SSDs, what kind of flight model are they aiming for, what about how the weather is injected from IRL into the sim, can we have all stuff like turbulences, windsheers, vortices etc, and a decent offroad ground handling/ bush sensations, will planes break/ have persistance, etc ! And even more important for us : what about modding, DLCs/ addons and so on ? Will it be a locked platform or not ? About the fact that the link says "xBox and PC", I'm not sure this very sim will be announced on the actual console generation ie it doesn't appear on the Gamepasses anywhere yet, I'd bet more on the next one eventually. But it also just could be a PC only title sorted in the xBox companion app... As there are 3 topics and I posted mine before this one appeared on TSL, here's a quote : Please head on to the Insider page if you are interrested in the project
  4. The new website is just up and running. Not much in there passed some pictures : Graphics look amazing, crispy, lights are off the charts, clouds look great... PBR of course, partnered with satellites companies...Oh, a new Ms flight sim with cockpits in the planes And LIVING WILDLIFE GUYS ! I'm wondering what's the catch now 😛 You also can sign in as an Insider for the incoming product : Home - Microsoft Flight Simulator FSI.MICROSOFTSTUDIOS.COM
  5. Just aired from the E3 Microsoft xBox conference 2019 What is it, I don't know, BUT KEEP IN MIND it has been announced at an xBox conference, thus may be a console product first ?? IDK... Their website isn't even up yet SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : xbox.com/flightsimulator
  6. My longest title so far I'm pretty sure ! So I received an email from Deadstick Bush Flight Sim today that invites me to fill a form for the incoming closed beta phase, which is before the Early Access phase on Steam obviously. I asked if it can be shared and guess what : yes ! I must say first that the team is looking for motivated testers, that can report, critic, share ideas etc so the team/ the project can evolve in the right direction with our help. Whether you are a gamer or a simmer, you play with an xBox controller or with a fully fleshed cockpit, there will be plenty to test ! I cannot say if there will be a NDA but I'm trying to get the intell from Chris or any member of the tram as quick as possible to fill that gap. Note that you will need a Discord account, and join the Deadstick channel, and it would be nice, even if you do not intend to participate, that you add the title on your Steam wishlist : it'll help the team on referencing. The form link : Deadstick - Closed Beta Interest Sign-Up DOCS.GOOGLE.COM If you are interested in helping test pre-release versions of Deadstick - Bush Flight Simulator ahead of the launch please fill in your details below. Pilots will need to be part of our Deadstick Discord community to be eligible to be picked, so if you aren't already please head over to our server at https://discord.gg/deadstick SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : http://deadsticksimulator.com/ NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://www.facebook.com/DeadstickSimulator/
  7. I was quite hopeful when the team changed the formula to the Live version which is less work for them, but since Edson was unemployed, there was no more mentions of the show anymore. Just Take-offs and landings on YT, which I'm afraid does not sound like an audience catcher I hope both the guys are doing fine now, but hey, we all have downside moments and need time then. Just my best wishes to them for those moments... That said, it would be nice to have news sometimes from the boys' choices about the show 😉
  8. Chris and his team just posted on Twitter about the road to their Early Access release Q2 2019. Here is the Steam article, the interesting parts are in bold here : Ok now I'm excited 😛
  9. Interresting, because all "signs" from LM were trending towards a v5 for the beginning of this year, and yet voilà : v4.5 on tracks apparently !
  10. I'm puzzled here, I thought iBlueYonder was "back in OrbX", right ? So it's a Flightbeam product edited by iBlueYonder, which is published by OrbX ??
  11. Ok, I have "some" problems with those guys' sceneries... They have also made Monument Valley (sold by OrbX), Mattherhorn 3D park and the recent Lukla/ Everest park. I have been able to test both of them, and so far, I find that they are nice sceneries, but pretty inacurate ! There are parkings/ rwy wrongly numbered/ labelled, the houses / some roads etc are totally not at the "real" place (ver visible on Lukla, some important buildings are missing, some are totally at the xwrong place, the parking have the wrong numbers, the taxiway is the wrong size etc ! They even created some stuff that is absolutely not there IRL (I just compared satellite picctures), and the textures for some stuff is awful (Monument Valley for XP is really bad, even more if you can compare with the P3D equivalent on IOrbX ! ). Don't get me wrong : the work is impressive etc, but as sold sceneries, do not hope for any exactitude in there, cause there is none. So Good value will depend on what you wait for, as long as you don't compare to the real thing (or to a good OrbX work !)...
  12. After a wait, Aerofly FS 2 just released their first chopper ! Oh and you don't know the best : it's FREE ! Don't be fooled, it's not "just a nice model", the physics that goes on this one are said to be the best you can find out there now ! Just read the quotes. It's nice to have a chopper, but it's even better with helipads : Changelog  there SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : https://www.aerofly.com/community/forum/index.php?thread/13736-aerofly-fs2-robinson-r22-helicopter-releasing-today-on-steam/ NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://steamcommunity.com/games/434030/announcements/detail/1702820767454589668
  13. Well guys, just to break the party, new clouds in XP are still due in Q3 / 4 2019. But...
  14. Well time for the last update ! I'm surprised Ivana didn't get this one ! I guess it's time for compatibility check once again : Full patch note : SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://fselite.net/news/fselite-exclusive-p3d-v4-4-releasing-november-28th-pbr-confirmed/
  15. All in the title SOURCE INFO STORE LINK : https://store.x-plane.org/
  16. It's the OrbX End Of Year sale ! SOURCE INFO STORE LINK : https://orbxdirect.com/
  17. XP11 : Propstrike Studio has very few products (only 3), but ALL of them are great and a tribute to their hard work and investment in details. Today you can grab Allan Burrows islands an Quatam River airport with a nice 20% rebate. Of course Machmell fisheries is still free SOURCE INFO SHOP LINK : https://propstrikestudio.com/collections/all
  18. WINGFLEX GUYS, LIKE A REAL PMDG PLANE FTW ! I cannot stress enough how much everyone need a flying pig in his/ her hangar
  19. Ok Noodle, I do remember, when we were flying together in a Durka's stream at that time, I asked you about an airport we were flying to, an orbx one. And when I asked in the chat if I could just buy this airport, I had a MASSIVE response from the chat, you included, that you needed Global first... . Don't worry, I still trust your judgement most of the time It may have been a consumer error, but it really seems that OrbX wanted that error to be made... That's first thing 2nd I think the actual GOOD thing to do when you made a mistake, is to say sorry, or AT LEAST not to ignore your mistake as John seem to do in his own comments. Anyone can do mistakes, and it is well known that the ones capable to accept theirs are the mature ones, the others are just stuck in childhood for what I know. Of course, that's if supposed innocent... In 3, I think that Froogle is digging the wrong holes, not new, I unfollowed his channel some time ago I must say... But the problem is not with him ; well, not this time, but as we say in french, you see the straw in other's eyes, but not the log in yours...
  20. Turbulent Design just made a great move (yeah no gruges !) by making 2O3 Angwin-Parret, a perfect place for your GA flights, very detailed, great ambiance and sounds as you taxi around... Free as now ! Even better : all the profits made on this scenery has been given to a charity ! https://www.turbulentdesigns.co.uk/forum/topic/833-2o3-angwin-parrett-field-now-free/ For good measures, I ordered it again ? SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : https://www.turbulentdesigns.co.uk/product/angwin-parrett/
  21. My point when I saw how easy it went with MinuteMan and Plum island, which was ported to OrbX for me ! Well I totally agree with me being hasty and impatient, and please accept my apologies for that. Still, a good explanation well visible about all those specifics would have helped me understanding both your position and the person I should get in contact to to get support... The absence of response on the forums tend to confused me, and most of the responses I got were mostly "go to OrbX", which I understand why... I really hope for a better structure for the whole flight sim hobby/ profession, and definitively the FTX platform, as well as products like DCTRY will be a blessing both for developers, distributors and consumers ! We need more stuff like that in the addon jungle !
  22. Will it update automatically without writing to the devs ? (yeah sorry ??)
  23. Well, first I am happy to read your direct answers to that, as you could imagine So in the right order : thank you for your time and consideration ! Then I have to explain what happened to me in details so you could understand my state of mind and my rightful anger (not at you directly guys, but really at the support I have been experimenting, exactly as said above ! 1st : full reinstall of P3D up to date cause my last installation had problems. 2 I needed to get most, if not all of my addons reloaded, and you KNOW that can be a pita cause we have stuff all over the place 3 I go to my different accounts and cool everything is working so far. That's the moment you still realize you have hours of reinstall, if not days ? 4 when arriving to your addons guys, well all started badly : PC Aviator and JustFlight provided me with old versions of your addons from a fresh download. And it so seemed that I HAD to get the last update from the official source which is iBlueYonder and Turbulent Design's site. The misanderstanding is even worse when you try to update from your applications (ex: TD terminal) that will send you to your site telling you that you are not registered/ you have no valid licence there... YOUR apps does not allow updates with paid products and that leaves an even badder feeling... 5 Arriving to your sites, 1st I was unable to get any update. Worst, the information you have on your sites are letting people think that you are pushing us to get an OrbX licence by repaying the addons. It is definitively not clear that you would get support for the old not from YOUR site versions of your products. And I insist : your sites does not provide support, which I could understand if it was clear enough that you supported retailers and provided them wil everything the end user need. 6 then you have the community, most of which think that you "must" register your old products on OrbX (which I have not asked for !!!) in order to get support, another misleading part. I am really just a consumer, but I am still aware of some of my rights, and well, take my place for 10mns : getting support took me like 7 or more messages with 4 different parts, half a day, when all the other normal or "orbx users" will just have to launch a terminal or FTX central and get their updates no asking no pita no messaging and NO ANGER ? I believe in rightful anger And intelligent people ! So now you have my point of view in a full state about all that mess wich is your responsibility I believe. But I am an understanding (and pretty active to argue I concurr ) person I hope too ! So time to settle ? ---- Some precisions on this : I have had some responses from JF, so far they provided me with a direct DL link to Nantucket island that may be the updated version (the PC Aviator one was wrong as said yesterday). They are checking if the TD files from their site are the good ones too and will get back to me.
  24. Ok, I'm going public on this one cause so far the informations I have are BAD ! iBlueYonder (hello bill !) and Turbulent Design (hi Russel and Greg !) have both moved to a new editor recently, in getting into OrbX licencing. When I read the announce, I was pretty pleased because that would mean for the customer a better support Well, I was very wrong ! I've been a bit long to go to P3D 4.3 update (last time was hard enough :p), so I discovered the mess a bit late maybe, but read this ! The support has become a nightmare ! I bought Nantucket island from PC Aviator, which got support from JustFlight. I got 100$ burger from the iBlueYonder website. Almost at the same time. One I can get support (100$ burger runs) and I cannot get ANY SUPPORT so far for Nantucket island. I got an old archive from PC Aviator wich is not up to date, no option to gfet it from the official iBlueYonder website, and worst : the official answer from the studio is : "if you bought from our website we support you, if not, you're on your own, please buy our products a 2nd time from OrbX !" (I have translated the political tongue language used there) I have the exact same problem with some Turbulent Design products : Angwin-Parret and L35 Big Bear I bought from JusfFlight are not updated on the JF store, the official website explains that "they have licencing changes" and the customer can go die or buy ! More politely of course, but it does say the same. what are your call on these ? I know I could have done the quiet "I know some people bill and Greg, help me" but it seems to me that it would be very wrong to do that, instead of getting a decent and expected support ! In fact, I've been contacted by Bill very kindly (Russel sent me the other way...), but as I said : it is not easy, not streamlined, not normal ! And you will find some more testimonies from other customers from different shops/ sites... Some exctracts : https://iblueyonder.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=317 SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :
  25. Did they find some of the pw on Facebook or Instagram ? ? It is a fact that many new techs are indeed less secure, and chosen apon more secure, but less practical solutions. A civilian example is the credit card/ telephone and the RFID chips,. or badly secured WiFi, that are quire easy to read/ hack from a distance without the owner to know something has been stolen from him : informations... All thanks to one big thing : being lazy the bad way ! As a journalist I know information is a great power !
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