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  1. It's actually a bunch more than just Delta.
  2. What is it with this community. You know something is wrong when even payware businesses start stealing IP.
  3. Believed to basically be an upgraded Flaming Cliffs 3 but with a few more simplified aircraft and portions of payware terrains. Current FC3 owners supposedly will get a major discount.
  4. Have fun guys. I should be there but unfortunately it's too close to E3 this year and TM reacted too late to my recommendation. Hopefully next year!
  5. Really hope they port it to XP11. Baltimore has been overlooked by developers for over a decade and it hurts. Did ORBX ever even fix their freeware KMTN? I've been waiting far too long for a professional version of BWI. Sadly, this isn't enough to pull me back to P3D.
  6. Woah! It's been a quite a while since I've been down to Martin's, let alone flown out of. Didn't know they were now operating Phenom's. Ugh, I gotta get re-qualified and pursue this.
  7. Like Noodle said, a more realistic flight/ground handling model. Wind, weight shift, and asymmetric thrust are more visually apparent now. View changing is LShift + 1-9 (and 0?), the arrow keys for moving up, down, left, and right. Move view forward is period and comma for backward. And if an aircraft has preset views, 0-9 on the keypad.
  8. There are 'some' trustworthy servers that are well moderated and run alternating missions. I sometimes fly on the Fighting 99th (F99th) which is usually populated in the evenings (US time). You usually want to look for the servers that provide Teamspeak information for total coalition communication. If you're looking for full regimented and moderated servers though, I would consider joining a squadron to gain access to private missions and team play. For learning in general, it's pretty easy to build a mission and make your own local server. Default port is 10308 so make sure it's forwarded in your router for others to join.
  9. Just watched the On Approach video. Looks like I'm now sold on Vegas as well, if I go. My potential issue with Expo is the unfortunate choice of date being SO CLOSE to E3.
  10. I too have been wondering similar. Is SimCon expected to be dead after this year? And is Expo the new trustworthy choice where the majority of people are intending to venture to (since most are only going to choose one)?
  11. Purchased it so fast, can't wait.
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