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  1. I'm trying to figure out what kidney to sell. The right or left. I am going to build a PC in the spring. Maybe that 1200 price tag will come down a little bit. Right now I am still gaming on a 980m Asus laptop. Any upgrade for me will be good.
  2. Not to make light of this tragedy but I have trouble landing as well in my sim.
  3. I am really debating trying this sim out. Any thoughts from the lounge?
  4. By far my favorite Traffic add on.
  5. Dirtysouth009

    hardware About to Build New Computer

    True noodle. However those GPU's have been out for over two years. If I'm going to throw down 2,3,4 grand on a new computer especially since Nvidia has possibly hinted at a new gpu this year. For me and I mean me. I'm going to wait. Not to mention I don't have all the cash right now. Now I will say it's a gamble but IMO wven the 1080ti etc will be dropping in price soon as well. Good thing I'm a betting man. Only time shall tell.
  6. Dirtysouth009

    hardware About to Build New Computer

    I am looking to get a new computer in the next 6 to 7 months. I was thinking of waiting bc I believe they will.be launching all the new GPU's etc pretty soon. If I'm not mistaken by hopefully August September
  7. Just think. You guys can get a nice picture in front of Mickey's Castle. That should be one for the books. Of course it won't be free. All that aside I am from the East coast and I did not go to Vegas because I couldn't afford it. Maybe now I will have the chance to go. Who knows.
  8. 😉I love Orlando. Disney is the best!!!
  9. Yes!!! Go get it!! Do not know how to link info. SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :
  10. My Captain Sim 757 has been grounded for months in ksan. Maybe I will dust off he wings soon.