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  1. this is a step in the right direction however personally I have multiple audio inputs going at any given time and switch throughout any live production. this could suck really bad, it could suck worse than losing a little performance. I to the complexity in some games I can only running full screen to force the correct aspect ratio which means that the only way out to use my mouse and switch audio input would be to alt tab...breaking all in Sim immersion. Sigh
  2. I saw this and was really hoping someone would post it! Thanks for doing so, @sparks_smudge this is a show waiting to happen my friend!
  3. ✈ On Approach is a weekly flight sim & aviation enthusiast podcast covering user submitted topics and news on TheSkyLounge.TV TOP NEWS WORTH MENTIONING
  4. This is HUGE news, Aeroplane Heaven stepped up their game so damn strong, this move was meant to be!
  5. Yeaaaaaa... I need to set up my approaches and stop ignoring those DISCOs...
  6. Looks lovely but I have to day...more plastic than ever before with the PBR....is this the future???
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