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  1. I knew you liked it there to fly! @OMGEDSON
  2. Phenom 100 Version 2.0: http://www.carenado.com/CarSite/Portal/index.php?accion=product&correl=111 Nav Pack: http://www.carenado.com/CarSite/Portal/index.php?accion=product&correl=178
  3. You are 18 legs before the finish! @OMGEDSON AMAZING!
  4. @sparks_smudge you fly also this tour?
  5. Værøy X (FSX+FSX:SE+P3D) Værøy is a small community located on the southern tip of the Lofoten archipelago. Known for its unpredictable weather, long summer days and nights lit by the dancing auroras during the winter season. Værøy X is a very accurate recreation of the island, including both Værøy Airport (ENVY) and the newer Værøy Heliport (ENVR) located on the southern tip of the island. The whole island is modelled in high detail to recreate the scenic terrain that this part of Norway is known for. The airport itself is nestled at the bottom of a 450 meter cliff on the northern side of the island, an area known for rapidly changing winds and downdrafts. The scenery also includes a custom Aurora Borealis effect creating a majestic atmosphere, especially during the dark winter months. Features: Highly realistic recreation of Værøy Island Photoscenery covering the whole island with seasonal variation Custom 30 terrain model, including sloped runway on Værøy Airport Realistic recreation of Værøy Airport as it was before it's closure Fully custom approach, runway and PLASI lights High detail runway and taxiway textures utilizing specular and normal mapping Realistic night time effects, including streetlights Multiple animations including road traffic, flags and windsocks Interior models for both the airport and heliport terminals Custom models for the city and harbour buildings Aurora Borealis effect Configuration Tool included for optimal performance on a wide range of systems Source click here!
  6. Requena X (FSX+FSX:SE+P3D) Requena is a small village not far from Valencia, the third largest city of Spain. It`s old (1400 years), calm and very Spanish. The airfield of Requena is not small or quiet as it is actually a busy airfield that offers every possible service expected from a airfield. It has flying schools that train pilots from many countries, but you can also learn to paraglide or fly with an classic aircraft. Requena is the first product in a line of products that cover the smaller airfields in Spain. This product was made for an airshow held recently at Requena and parts of the proceeds will be donated to the organisations of this airfield. Features Full coverage of the airport and immediate surroundings Very high density of objects Many special static aircraft Includes Frank our Avatar for P3d V3 users Most interior spaces modelled, Heineken beer on tap! Ideal airport for VFR training. Source click here!
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