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  1. I am just wondering if these guys are still operating as I went to their website to find out how they were going with the NZCH Christchurch scenery only to find their is no website there now. Last time I checked a few months ago they were still operating. LINK TO SOURCE: http://www.newscenerystudio.com/
  2. I have all of these working although EGCC is not complete as the runway lines and taxiway lines are missing but that is nothing still usable
  3. Not sure why you say it is buggy. I have the P3D V4 version and it is working fine no problems.
  4. Yip downloading as I type https://fselite.net/news/aerosoft-releases-mega-airport-heathrow-professional-p3dv4/
  5. Aerosoft Heathrow has just been released 5.25 euro if you purchased it previous or 28 euro for new purchase.
  6. haha where I am it is only 13
  7. Here in New Zealand we have a gentleman who has been creating NZ scenery for many years. Robin is and has created some beautiful scenery and has upgraded them to P3D V4 but at this time they have not been released. This is the website if you want some realistic New Zealand scenery for FSX P3D and soon to be released X-Plane. http://windowlight.co.nz/godzoneWP/ If do a lot of NZ flying then you will find this scenery really good and will make your sim so much more realistic. I did not realise that riddlezinteractive had created New Plymouth airport or were doing Taranaki Photoreal.
  8. that is the second time that flight sim store have done that in the last month saying that heathrow was updated lol
  9. where I have been to both Flightsim store who sent the email and it is still for V3. Then I went to aerosoft and they only have it for V3 and I have not seen aerosoft putting an announcement out.
  10. Hi Bryan I have just checked the orbx website via ftx central for both AYPY and o5s and neither of them allow you to install for version 4. It seems like that for all the airports at the moment and I have not seen anything to say otherwise.
  11. I am wondering why all the Orbx airports are showing as updated. If you go to the website and try and purchase or update them they are still showing V3. The airports are only updated for anyone who is doing the Beta testing for them and it will only update the airports that you actually have against your account. Because your list is showing as updated this is confusing for anyone that wants to purchase the airport. I think your list needs to show that they are only available to the beta testers.