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  1. I know its not Flying related.. well it does have flying in it. BUT. Ghost Recon is currently / still on sale on UPlay! Just thought i would share 😉 SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :
  2. I know i didnt have time this morning to find my phone to log into banking but TOTALLY BUYING IT! (he screams)
  3. I know its not flight sim related but, i woke up this morning to a surprise from Steam! Project Cars 2 is 60% off. anyhow that's all i wanted to say. have a great day everyone! SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :
  4. I had this instructor when i was training, when she left, she demanded to have the firetruck hose her down. i wasnt there, but.. apparently it was the funniest thing ever. as soon as the water hit her, she was rolling.
  5. NICE! i dont have XP11 but i told my mate about it... might have forgotten to mention the helipad.
  6. i might me reading the room wrong, but i think everyone is saying go with the Abacus 787? ;-)
  7. I need help guys, i want to get something new for the hanger. ive been flying the freeware 757, and find myself missing the technical side of flying. So im want to really feel like i am in the cockpit, having to follow procedures and stuff. and program the FMC. I hear the Level-D 767 is still an amazing addition even though it is getting old now. But the PMDG 737 also looks like a nice. I find i tend to like the Boeing's over the Airbus' as well. What do ya'll think? LINK TO SOURCE:
  8. thats awesome that they are willing to say.. oops. sorry. our bad. respect +1, caution also +1. lol.
  9. nah mate give it to someone! ;-) i have it already and ive used it more than 2 hours. thanks though! :-)
  10. when you get that email that says "sirgr3mlin you have been tagged in a post by OMGEDSON"... i must have missed something! what did i do wrong this time? ;-)
  11. HAHAHA, yes in use its nice! :-) and i so want it too! theres something about this one aye! OMGOSH we should totally hit them up and see if they need Alpha testers! ;-) ... you know whats strange.. theres no mention on there website about it...
  12. I want i want i want!!!! I have the MilViz wx radar, which works rather well.. after being told it was a hunk of post digested food. ok i admit, when i first got it, it caused FSX:SE to loose its marbles. but the next day they released and update. or i applied. the update... and it worked fine! anyhow. i cant wait to see wait for this birdy! it is one of my all time faves. along with the Dash8-Q300, the lear. and the 737-800. anyhow thats my 2 cents worth! have a good one all!
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