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  1. The CAA and RAF have already done this to an extent, on the majority of sorties (bar QRA or operational sorties), transponders are on on all aircraft, and a transponder is almost nothing compared to radar reflectors, which are currently fitted to all F-22A and F-35s that aren't deployed operationally. If radar reflectors pose no extra risk, why should a transponder which can be turned off when flying operationally?
  2. Rob Skip

    dcs DCS 2.5 OUT NOW!

    As it says! LINK TO SOURCE: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=3371822#post3371822
  3. But then, when you actually take a deeper look, in gaming performance will decrease very little, stay the same, or even increase in some cases. The performance hit is only in very specific workloads.
  4. Rob Skip

    Air Corps - Events (please follow)

    Apologies to all, I am going to have to cancel tonight. If you guys are around on Sunday, I will reschedule for then.
  5. Rob Skip

    Air Corps - Events (please follow)

    Event 2 Date - 29/09/2017 Time - 1900z-2300z (GMT) (11am 9/28/17 PST) Aircraft - Hawk-derived Trainer (T-45 Goshawk, BAE Hawk T.1) Home Airport - RAF Valley (EGOV) Scenery - MSPG Simulations RAF Valley Route - No set route Tasking - Basic jet training led by myself incl. basic maneuvering, low level and formation. Notes - Any questions, shoot me a PM.
  6. Just a shame that it had to come from AH.
  7. Rob Skip

    Event 1 - Reports

    My 4 from this evening's sortie.
  8. Rob Skip

    Event 1 - Reports

    Report all images of vessels in this thread.
  9. DCS nights can definitely be arranged.
  10. Version 1.0.0


    A repaint for the payware IndiaFoxtEcho Eurofighter Typhoon as the fictional TP300 of the Sky Lounge Air Corps. TP300 (AA) is the first Typhoon to be delivered to the Air Corps and was first flown at BAE Warton on 29/08/2017, and delivered to the TSL Skypark on 01/09/2017. Repaint by Rob Skipworth.
  11. Rob Skip

    Air Corps - Events (please follow)

    ENDEX Event 1 Date - 02/09/2017 Time - 1900z-2300z (GMT) (11am 9/1/17 PST) Aircraft - ASW (P-8A Posiedon, P-3 Orion, BAe Nimrod) Home Airport - Patuxent River NAS (KNHK) Scenery - Default Route - No set route Tasking - Fly and screenshot 5 boats or ships within 150nm from US East Coast. Report all screenshots/findings in the 'Event 1 - Reports' thread. Notes - Both 'Ships and ferries' and 'Leisure boats' traffic must be at 40% in sim. Any questions, send me a PM. ENDEX
  12. 1 - Event Notifications - Start by following the 'Events' thread by clicking the yellow 'Follow' button in the right-hand corner of the thread. In this thread you will find details of all upcoming Air Corps operations including the home plate, flight type and recommended aircraft. 2 - Equipment - The aircraft used will vary from event-to-event, for details on the type of aircraft to fly, check the 'Events' thread. 3 - Repaints - I am working on repaints for a number of aircraft including the IndiaFoxtEcho Typhoon and F-14, JustFlight Hawk and Battlefield Airlifter as this is written. When complete all will be uploaded to this site. 4 - Software - Not required but preferable for certain operations - FSX@War, VRS Tacpack Required - JoinFS
  13. Here you will find details of upcoming events within the Air Corps group. Get Notifications! Please FOLLOW this thread by clicking the yellow 'Follow' button in the right-hand corner of the page. In this thread you will find details of all upcoming Air Corps operations including the home plate, flight type and recommended aircraft.
  14. The Air Corps - A new way to experience military flying. Whether you like flying low and slow in a P-8A, hunting ships, or high and fast in an F-15 on QRA against an aggressor, this is the club for you. The group is predominantly geared towards fun, but there will be an element of learning involved as well. The initial plan is to host bi-weekly events, to both teach and utilise military-focused procedures in a variety of types. The majority of sorties will not be exclusive to one airframe, but instead will have a recommendation, as no-one really wants a fighter appearing on an ASW mission! All Air Corps nights will feature a theme, with some nights utilising programs like Tacpack and FSX@War to provide weapons and targets, although neither will ever be essential. Remember, the whole idea is to HAVE FUN!