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  1. For some reason, I cannot get the ICON A5 to appear in P3Dv4. I don't see any errors in during the install, but then when I go and launch P3D, it is not listed in my set of available planes. Has anyone else run into this? Is there a secret to the install process that I am missing?
  2. Whachootalkinaboutwillis

    prepar3d / fsx Discount offer on Just Flight's PA-28 Warrior II

    great find, Steve!
  3. Whachootalkinaboutwillis

    prepar3d / fsx Little Navmap stable 1.4.3 released

    Wonderful news! Thank you, sir.
  4. Whachootalkinaboutwillis

    prepar3d / fsx VR flying, Vive or Occulus?

    I don't have a direct answer to your question... but the one thing that I do remember seeing someone talk about was that the resolution on the headsets was not always stellar. So you get the awesome effects of VR... but at the cost of detailed scenery. In no way am I trying to talk you out of going down this path. I have no practical experience with it and for all I know the guy I am quoting was a total nut job. But something you might want to make sure you keep an eye out for all the same. It would be frustrating to drop $600 on an Oculus rig and then not love the results.
  5. Whachootalkinaboutwillis

    real-world Why planes don't fly faster

    Even if you know most of this already, it is still a very well made video to watch.
  6. Whachootalkinaboutwillis

    tour TOUR: Northern Spain - Rumba, Samba, Mambo...

    Super fun first leg of the tour last night, guys! But a newbie question for me... when do we fly next? I don't know if we fly on consecutive nights... or if there are specific nights of the week that we go.
  7. Whachootalkinaboutwillis

    tour TOUR: Northern Spain - Rumba, Samba, Mambo...

    Okay... I think my little Mooney can pull that off. Figured that I would go with a comfortable and familiar whip for my first tour.
  8. Whachootalkinaboutwillis

    tour TOUR: Northern Spain - Rumba, Samba, Mambo...

    I think that a Mooney Acclaim will work... but could someone please confirm? (and what date/time do we want to sync on for Active Sky?)
  9. Whachootalkinaboutwillis

    prepar3d / fsx Captain Sim 24hr EVERYTHING $9.99 SALE!

    okay -- we will see. I have a shiny new 777 (with expansion pack) and 737 (with cargo pack) ready for download when I get home from work tonight. Finally get to extend my range to longer intercontinental flights.
  10. Whachootalkinaboutwillis

    prepar3d / fsx Captain Sim 24hr EVERYTHING $9.99 SALE!

    actually... does anyone have an experience with Captain Sim planes? Are they worth the $10? Or would I be buying a heavily discounted, but completely un-flyable plane? I really enjoy my Aerosoft A320... how would it compare to that benchmark? I love a good sale, but my Steam account is full of games that I bought on sale and then never touched. I am super excited for a shiny new 777 to fly... but I don't want it to suffer the same fate.
  11. Whachootalkinaboutwillis

    hardware Controller suggestions?

    You're spot on, @Bucnatic60. It is a bit of a pain in the ass... but at least now it works! thanks for the offer of help -- but I should be good to go from here!
  12. Whachootalkinaboutwillis

    hardware Controller suggestions?

    Now... if I can only find settings to import. Because with the default... the throttle appears to be linked to both pitch and yaw. (?!?) If I keep the throttle at 50%, the plane will fly straight (but have no thrust). If I throttle up/down, the plane pitches/dives and rolls over. Grrrr.
  13. Whachootalkinaboutwillis

    hardware Controller suggestions?

    I read the reviews on the x56 on Amazon (brutal). But then I re-read your endorsement and remembered the generous Amazon policy for returns and clicked the [Buy] button. The wife says that I can get it on my birthday ( a couple days before Christmas) as "the kids will love giving you something related to video games." So I will let you know in a couple weeks how my device fares. Thanks, @Bucnatic60! (and everyone else that took the time to provide input)
  14. Whachootalkinaboutwillis

    tour Live Stream Flight & Tour Requests

    Then in these winter months, I propose something warm... perhaps a run along the Spanish Mediterranean coastline? Something like... Malaga (LEMG) --> Murcia (LEMP) --> Ibiza (LEIB) --> Valencia (Levc) --> Barcelona (LEBL). Ole! ...or a bigger loop incorporating France (and maybe extending into Italy)? (continuing from Barcelona) --> Montpellier (LFMT) --> Marseille (LFML) --> Monaco (LNMC) ...
  15. Whachootalkinaboutwillis

    hardware Controller suggestions?

    totally fair question, Edson. I don't really have a preference for the number of devices. Because right now I disconnect when done and set aside (as the desk and computer is shared by my wife and kids). So I am used to the inconvenience... A yolk would be less convenient -- simply because it is harder to find a place to store and more effort to set up each time. But that does not mean that I am not open to doing it.