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  1. I wonder if there are any talented painters here? for a custom paint?
  2. thanks , I ended up with the 777 , just got to get into it now looking for see if some one can do a livery for me, also are there any aussie liveries like quantas, jet star etc thanks milo
  3. thanks, I heard that the pmdg 737 800 is being re worked ? should I leave it or still get it? or just go 777 ?
  4. Hi guys its been a while finally got p3d, v4 thinking about getting from pmdg either , the 737- 800 or the777 wondering how hard these planes are to learn to fly etc, used to fly the stock 737s in fsx back in the day milo SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :
  5. MiloGuy

    prepar3d / fsx painting planes?

    thanks guys, I'll keep playing around with it for now,.. I am also thinking of doing it for a new channel I'm starting on twitch tv simadventurer , captain milo, If any one can come up with a good paint scheme, as long as its got some purple in it , that'd be cool, and I'll cred it you.. I may even just for now still use fs rpaint till I can afford photoshop
  6. G'day , I use fsx steam edtion and mostly fly the Caranado Cessna Grand Caravan 208b, (cargo version) any way I have in the past used fs re paint but thats getting pretty old now and was wondering if there is anythng similar now or if any one can do a custom paint job for me? oh also some day I'll be getting the 777 and or 737-800 from pmdg and may want to do a paint job for that any tips, ideas folks ? thanks
  7. G'day guys, love your streams when I can watch them! couple q's if ok to ask here. first off, does any one have much experience with the A2A cessna 172 ? ? I use FSX SE , Active sky 2016 and some of the great orbx scenery !! and fly Tampa Sydney Australia any way I can get the plane to my desired altitude say 4000ft, and level it out but if I put press and hold the auto pilot button the plane goes straight into I guess a kind of stall, , and points upwards... also spins around if in circles etc if I do get it on? also do you guys have any good spotify play lits etc for flying , im not really into the big jets even though I had some time in a flight sim last year