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  1. A pilot can decline an ATC instruction at ANY time especially if they feel their aircraft is at risk. The controller needs to go back and redo his air law exams especially around the Chicago Convention.
  2. Circular runways... Has April 1st come early? Why is this a bad idea? (hint: outer wing moving faster than the inner wing means it will lift earlier creating roll, the secondary effect of roll is yaw which will be towards the inner wing). Now throw this whole mess into the process of taking off through ground effect and into flight. Banked runway, watch all the lovely fuel surge through the crossfeeds / balance pipes into the lower tank(s) creating a weight imbalance, the angle of the banking would need to be severe to counteract centrifugal force throwing a 747 off the runway! So you're now low wing heavy, plane yawing towards the now heavy wing which is also travelling slower than the outer wing! Let's not mention landing while banking and yawing at low altitude and low speed, perfect recipe for a spin! Let's really make this fun, throw in a cross wind that will CHANGE DIRECTION as you 'land' and follow the circular runway. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-39284294
  3. A great set of tutorial videos. Very useful for PPL training, the only difference between sim and real world is chasing the needle in the real world leaves you with a track resembling a sin wave, they are a lot more sensitive than sim representations
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