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  1. Some of this scenery looks pretty good guys. 30% off. Lets start a discussion here on which ones we should get. I already have: Dublin, Zurich V2, and Frankfurt. All really nice airports. I am thinking about adding these to my collection for my FF A320 Flights: Genoa, Dortmund, Daytona Beach, Berlin, Stuttgart, Bali, and Toronto. SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://www.aerosoft.com/us/flight-simulation/xplane-add-ons-sale/
  2. Very scary that the plane chose to dive into the ocean. Sounds like a programming issue That system should be smart enough to understand airspeed, altitude, and heading. It should not of forced that plane into the ocean. Sounds like a flawed system and also the pilots are all different as you mention. No one was trained on it. I’m sure they may have panicked after it nose dove them several times. I know I would of cracked under that stress...
  3. I agree. I love Boeing but if you put a new system in a plane then all pilots should know how to use and get around the system if their is a failure. I think Boeing could be getting some massive lawsuits out of this. Maybe even the NTSB.
  4. The pilots of Lion Air Flight 610 were engaged in a futile tug-of-war with the plane's automatic systems in the minutes before it plunged into the ocean, killing all 189 people on board. But investigators say they are at a loss to explain why the pilots didn't follow the same procedure performed by another flight crew the previous day when they encountered a similar issue. A preliminary report into the crash released Wednesday by Indonesia's National Transportation Safety Committee (NTSC) reveals more details about the final moments of Flight 610, but acknowledges many questions remain. Data retrieved from the flight recorder shows the pilots repeatedly fought to override an automatic safety system installed in the Boeing 737 MAX 8 plane, which pulled the plane's nose down more than two dozen times. The system was responding to faulty data, which suggested that the nose was tilted at a higher angle than it was, indicating the plane was at risk of stalling. According to the report, the pilots first manually corrected an "automatic aircraft nose down" two minutes after takeoff and performed the same procedure again and again before the plane hurtled nose-first into the Java Sea. CNN aviation analyst David Soucie said that the circumstances created by the plane's automatic correction would have made pilot intervention "impossible." "The fact that they fought against the MCAS (multiple) times with the trim settings was an impossible scenario to recover from," he said. SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://www.cnn.com/2018/11/28/asia/lion-air-preliminary-report-intl/index.html
  5. People, These are the best models out there. Get them while you can at half the price! I own 3 of them and looking at maybe getting one more Caderly SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://www.boeingstore.com/collections/commercial
  6. I was sitting in an aisle seat on a flight earlier this year when a fellow traveler approached and politely said he thought I may be sitting in his seat. After assuring him I was in the correct seat, he then demanded to see my boarding pass. I already knew I was in the right seat, but it was confirmed when he made his demand. Knowing I was in the right, I refused to show him my pass. The real issue, I think, was that he didn't want to sit in the dreaded middle seat, so he thought he could cajole or intimidate me into moving. He didn't call a flight attendant, probably because he knew the aisle seat was mine. Instead, he behaved like a spoiled child, muttering under his breath and throwing me hostile looks for the rest of the flight. Read the entire story at the given link. Its pretty good and describes how one should act while traveling. Dont do the things this woman has seen in her travels y'all! Caderly SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/airline-etiquette-tips/index.html
  7. caderly_one

    orbx TrueEarth GB South XP pt9 Birmingham

    I really want to fly this. Lets release it. Been waiting since Flight Sim Expo
  8. Learned something here lol. I thought we wanted all white. Ugh uh oh lol.
  9. This is a great video I came across that explains ORBX products in detail and how scenery works in the P3D simulator. I highly recommend watching this video. I learned a few things from this video and I am sure for newcomers to the sim world, this would help explain things well. He goes over the main points in scenery which are: Mesh Textrures Landclass Vectors He also explains and shows how the products look in specific regions when he drops in a new product like an area with and without vectors. One thing I learned though for those people on a budget you could actually buy EU england and not have to buy global, vectors, and openLc for that region. It would be a less expensive way of flying in an area for people to get started with. I own them all as I started with global and vectors and then LC for the different regions. I then picked up the region specific products. He also talks about airports briefly with pre-requisites. He shows a before and after screen of an airport as well. The difference is amazing and will keep us buying up all those airports from ORBX as well as other developers. Next he talks about mesh's. He mentions FS global Ultimate and FreeMesh. What I did not realize is that ORBX regions already have their mesh with them for that region alone. So if you are flying in say EU England and own just that product, you have the mesh for it. You actually have everything you need for that region in that one product. The only thing this video does not explain which I think would be the last needed piece to understand it all is: How the scenery file works. Does the order matter and what order should your scenery be in, in this file. How do you fix elevation issues with vector. This video does a great job of explaining things. When you first come into flight simulation, its overwhelming what you must learn. As a note to OMGEDSON, if possible it would be great to be able to tag and search for videos or even have a section for newbies to learn from. Many questions that get asked may never have to be asked if users could find this information easily. Till next time, Caderly (caderly_one) SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :
  10. Im really looking forward to this plane. Will get it the day it comes out
  11. If you want boeing items, shirts, models, or trinkets, now is the time. Now through Sept. 2nd Boeing has a great sale up to 25% off. One Boeing model like the 747-8 that I just bought would be 50.00 off. Might be time to think about it. If you want to look at the models I purchased from boeing, check out this article: I have bought hoodies, shirts, lanyards, and stickers from Boeing as well. Go shop before the sale ends! SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : http://www.boeingstore.com
  12. I was talking to a friend of mine Mark, who suggested we go out to the Georgetown airport here near Austin to look at flight schools today. I am interested in getting my PPL. Well yesterday, they setup a plan to surprise me. I had no idea what was in store for me. We show up at the airport hangars and Mark has me park next to another truck and says, wow Ken is here. Ken and Mark are both neighbors of mine from a few years back and friends. Ken is also an airline pilot on a 777 and has been flying his personal plane for several years now. I was excited to see Kens plane because I have not seen it yet. Ken was getting it ready for a flight to Colorado tomorrow. The plane looked sweet and was super clean. As we are talking he hooks it up to his power tow and pulls it out of the hangar and asks "Are you boys ready to go?" Man I was shocked. I did not notice that Mark had brought his flight headset with him. Until that moment I had no idea, I was about to go up and also fly my first Beechcraft Bonanza or any plane for that matter. We all put on our headsets and Ken got ATC taxi and takeoff clearance for VFR. We took off and the wind was about 10-15 knots. The plane really moves in the air side to side and up and down with the wind. It really was cool to feel what a smaller plane this size feels like in the wind. It felt natural and cool all at the same time. We flew out of Georgetown airport over to Lago Vista. Ken banked it pretty good for me so that I could get a nice photo of Lago Vista's airport. This is a great shot! From Lago, we flew to lake travis. We got to see the party boats near hippie hallow and also the Oasis restaurant which is a famous Tex Mex overlook in Austin. This was a beautiful day to be out on the lake as you can see from these photos. From Lake Travis we headed back towards our neighborhoods in Cedar Park. Here you can see our local high school Cedar Park High. We also flew over my house and buzzed it at about 1000 ft. My wife heard us fly over but did not go outside to see it. Ugh! Next was my other surprise, the wheel was moved from the left seat to the right. Uh oh. Im in control now. Thoughts ran through my head and anxiety. Calm down Patrick(Caderly). You've done this 1000 times in the sim. Just watch your instruments and fly. So I did. It was scary at first and then ken programs in a direct to Georgetown and has me bank and follow the magenta. It was a fun 10 minutes of flying for my first time in a real plane. I couldn't of done it with a better pilot. I felt confident having someone with so much experience sitting next to me. Thanks Ken! I gave the controls back to Ken so that he could do a downwind and land the plane. We followed in a 172 closer than I expected. Im used to bigger separation on the heavy's from flight sim. We landed and taxied to the refueling. Ken let Mark and I refuel the plane in each of the wings. This was my first experience fueling a plane as well. Once fueled we headed back to the hangar where the plane will set for the next 12+ hours before Ken takes off for Colorado. Again I cant thank these guys enough. Mark and Ken today was amazing. Since you could not make lunch Ken, let me know when you get back, I would like to buy you lunch or dinner. Have a safe flight and enjoy your time in Colorado! One last note. Once Mark and I left, we headed to the main hangar for the airport. Mark showed me the wall of solos which was very cool. This is people who have all done their solo flight out of Georgetown. I added it here for you guys to view. I thought it was very cool! Till Next Time, Caderly (Patrick) SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :
  13. Nice model Noodle! Also nice mouse. I just bought that same mouse this week
  14. Man I wish I could go this year. Maybe next year. If I head over the pond I will have to stop into Ireland. My sister moved there 3 years ago. I would love to see the UK and Ireland. Might have to make that happen in 2020...
  15. I would like to start a thread on those that collect models. I can say I loved Boeing. Also I found their store online and its just as sweet at boeingstore.com. Their models are top notch and made well. They do not feel like they will break easy and look amazing. They run discounts and I think if you sign up online you get like 20% off your first order. Anyway, I started this collection while at Boeing in Everette WA. I picked up the 787-9 and lugged it to Alaska, back to Washington, and then to its home in Austin. I decided to order the 737 and have it when I got back to Austin instead of carrying it. Took awhile to ship as their store was moving at the time. Once it arrived it looked nice sitting next to the 787. I was amazed at the same scale model how small a 737 is to a 787. Well with the 747-8 coming out, I decided to add another Boeing plane to the collection. I used my coupon and saved a bundle on this one. It is amazingly large. The pictures do not do it justice. All models are scaled at 1:144. If you want even larger and have the budget you can go 1:100 but that would not fit in my office... I hope you like the images. I am waiting on the announced 777X and will add it to my collection once it releases in another year or so. For GA planes, I would love the Turbo Otter and possibly a couple of others. Models just light up the office. I recommend you guys add one or two to the place you call your simulator home. Please add any images of models that you may have to this thread. I would love to see what others are collecting. Till next time. Caderly SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK : http://www.boeingstore.com