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  1. Carenado SR22 GTSx updated for v4 - available on Simmarket - have not seen any announcements on Carenado FB page
  2. I had FB communication with Carenado - They tell me they're having an issue with the G1000 equipped aircraft (incl the SR22) and this may delay release of those.
  3. And please add the Cirrus SR22 also to the TBD list? http://www.carenado.com/CarSite/Portal/index.php?accion=product&correl=81
  4. Anyone got any info about the Carenado SR22GTS? Isn't on the list of Carenado products?
  5. JustSim LOWI update released. Well. It's a new version. They are being a little cheeky IMHO and charging 5.99 for the upgrade. Given that so many dev's doing it for free I think this is a bit much really. But anyhow, there it is It is available.
  6. Yep. Still says "this position has default gates" where there used to be jetways in p3dv3 (LFPG is SODE and EDDM are GSX jetways) - not sure if i need to reinstall GSX again but did update it on Wednesday.
  7. Taxi2Gate EDDM and LFPG are working - not sure about jetways - not native installers - just pointed to directory in p3dv3 folder. No evidence on T2G website at all that they have even heard of or are considering updating anything to v4.
  8. have managed to get JustSim LOWI to work - point installers at p3dV4 directory - looks ok
  9. T2G LFPG sort of working - no jetways ?SODE issue? Only manual install following copy of files from p3dv3 folder - hopefully installer update to come. Will try EDDM and let you know just download the installers - comes up when you run them as GSX 2