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  1. I'm not really surprised by this. I'm sorry that you had a bad experience as that's no fun for anyone. What was the atmosphere like? How many people would you say attended? Was there any comment made about FSExpo from the organisers during the event? I wish I was able to go just to see how bad it was.
  2. This isn't the first time she has posted comments like this. Different article: Anyway, it's just a case of ignoring her and enjoying the fact people have choice as to which show to go to.
  3. Just to let you know, this story is quite old, but it appears they're trying to play catch up.
  4. I just want to chime in here. This was a mistake on my part. I told the guys it was a new release, but turns out it was just released on SimMarket and has actually been available since the middle of 2017. Just want to emphasis that the publisher had no influence on FSElite posting the content at all. I made a mistake, removed all SimMarket links and led it back to the developer instead to try and atone for the error. Apologies to anyone who I may of mislead, but I assure you it was an accident. Any questions on the integrity of myself or the site, please just ask.
  5. If Boeing just put two of these beasts on the 747-8i, then they'd be on for a winner of an aircraft!
  6. Great find! Been waiting for this! Mind if I share this information on some news outlet thingy majigy? Will obviously link back to the sky lounge
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