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  1. Spreadsheet update I advised earlier that all SIMADDONS airports have been updated. I do not see it on the list. please add them.
  2. The spreadsheet needs to be updated to reflect: The PacSim PNG BushPilot IS NOT UPDATED. Its been pulled because there are about 11 coastal airstrips that have problems with trees, houses, and strips in the water when its installed into Orbx Vector. I have it and confirm that it needs this work. You can however fly all the inland strips. The owner says he will work on it but it will take some time.
  3. OK then, so the beta is the only game in town. I have to tell you I have only noticed a couple issues, minor. I would sign up and install. Its great to have those airports back.
  4. Kiwi: Yes I see that the website still have not been updated to reflect that they are all P3Dv4. The beta thing has been completed, they are all ready for download if I am not mistaken. If you launch Central V3 it gives you the choice of which simulator to check and for P3DV4 you will find all airports listed greyed out with buy cart unless you already have bought a license for them in which case they will say "not installed" unless of course you have installed them. I signed up for the beta testing thing but I was sure I saw they are available for everyone now; but perhaps I'm wrong. Bryan
  5. Oh for crying out loud. Why can't those folks at FSDreamTeam just provide a simple system. And explain to folks in a clear post what to do. I found the Addon Manager, downloaded it. Its doing all sorts of stuff....which I don't know what. But I suspect this will help me add their scenery to my sim. How difficult would it have been to answer my post and say go here, get the addon manager, install it, launch the sim blah blah. Why make it so complicated.
  6. Thanks for responding. I downloaded the most recent installers from the page. I started with #1. It listed all sims up to P3DV3 but not 4. I continued anyway thinking that it would work because folks had said it did. I don't know what the auto updater is? After install finished I launched P3D4 and it started showing scenery.cfg errors that ANY scenery layer was not installed. I shut the sim down immediately. Went to the scenery.cfg and every entry was corrupted with odd symbols at the end of each line with were causing the sim to fail to install. I went though the scenery cfg every line, edited out the weird symbols and it all works like before install. I deleted everything that was entered into the sim by FSDreamTeam and posted on their forum. I'll check to see if there is an xml. But there were two entries placed in MS>FSx>scenery Addon which was completely wrong. Now here I sit wondering and waiting. FOLLOWUP...I have an FS DreamTeam folder with the airports in that and I have objects under SimObjects>Misc which is the normal install.
  7. So perhaps some folks can help me out here. I tried to update my FSDreamTeam Hawaiian Apts #1, #2 and Honolulu. Total mess. I have fixed it now but no install. I thought the listing here said they were updated. If so, how the heck does one get the updated installers because the ones on their site do not list P3DV4?
  8. Same for me I check every once in a while and they have not yet completed their reworded airports.
  9. Confirmed, I received yesterday the new installers. please add to the list. All SimAddons (Canadian) Airports....all of them, brand new P3D V4 installers. http://simaddons.com/pages/simaddons_addons.htm