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  1. I wish Milviz would also provide some additional repaints for their Turbo TwinOtter.
  2. Same here, but with 2xSSAA and only landing lights, nav, strobes and beacons the performance is acceptable (PMDG 747, FTX NCA, FB KSFOHD @ night) which means 19-21 fps on my system (4.8 GHz, 16GB RAM, GTX1070, 3340x1440 screen). Dynamic lights are on. With 4xSSAA I get a massive drop to 10-12 fps only. Harry
  3. Hello to all, my first post here and I start with a question: Does the sound gauge work using this procedure? I read somewhere that it cannot work as it is 32 bit, which means that cockpit sounds like gear up/down, flaps up/down etc. are not present. Harry
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