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  1. Lewis, you've got a point regarding building a new pc. Maybe it's not necessary at this time, but who know's where we are in a couple of years. P3Dv4 with 64-bit is not necessarily the holy grail to prevent OOM's for the long term if developers keep pushing the envelope. Like it was discussed in the podcast, I like to run certain add-ons over a network, like Airhauler, PFPX and AS16, so I can have my laptop next to me and I don't have to switch applications and exit the sim. Just my preference. Other simmers from the community may not have a top end system and my have the same question I had. I enjoyed the discussion in the podcast on why and why not people choose to run add-ons over a netwerk. Whether or not you choose this approach, I still think creating a list will help people making a well though through decision what's best for there system.
  2. Hi all! I've got a question that's on my mind for quite some time and I can't seem to find an answer. Is there a list out there of program's/add-ons for FSX / P3D we can run over a network? And if there isn't, maybe we should create one here on the forum like the ultimate P3Dv4 add-on list. The thing is, I'm about to build me a new dedicated flight sim pc. I would like to run anything I can on an 'old' laptop and use this as a client pc to relieve the load on my new pc and run is as a sim server. The programs I'm using and the ones I know of that can be run on a client pc, such as weather, ATC, flight planning and other add-ons and utilities, are: Airhauler 1 / 2 AS16 & ASCA PFPX PRO-ATC X EFB Also, which ones can be run on both Windows 7 and 10, as I've seen messages that some software is not compatible with Windows 10. I'm sure this is not a complete list out there. So let's create a list of add-ons we can run on a client pc and one of add-ons the MUST be run on a sim server.