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    Like to fly Helicopters (mainly) and GA aircraft in FSX, P3Dv4 and X-plane11. I like Bell helicopters, Luscombe Silvaire plane, Twin Otter planes, Cessna planes, etc. Don't fly many heavys. Piddle around making improvements to airports I like to fly to and from in FSX and X-plane. I am retired and Flight Simming or watching Twitch a great deal of the time.
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  1. Yes, thanks for the tip Edson. I opened my case and my GTX1070 was only supported by one very thin plastic bus socket and no rear supports. It is a double wide card and very heavy. I bought one of these supports and it works great. Highly recommended!
  2. I have added X-plane 11 to my sim collection. Still use P3Dv4 (and some FSX (lol) because not everything I have in FSX can be used in P3D). X-Plane is a very good sim. I find instruments better, flying model very good, Helicopters are awesome (autopilots work, flight model is great, more realistic than P3D to me). Scenery has a bit to be desired but creating your own Ortho Photoscenery overcomes that somewhat. One problem for me is that very many small airports don't have buildings. I create some of my own to help out there. The biggest flight problem I see is ground handling which sucks in X-plane 11 so far. Overall I like X-plane.
  3. Did anyone notice Cera Sim released updates to P3Dv4 of the Bell 222B (v1.5), UH-60L Black Hawk (v2.0), and AS365 N3 (ver?) available through your original vendor. Also included in each update is the FSX version.
  4. Oct 19, 2017 If you have an account on the x-plane.org forum and didn't know, there were some usernames and passwords hacked and stolen. the X-plane.org forum was down "software maintenance" but is now back online. Be sure to change your password to a new one when even if you changed if earlier today. LINK TO SOURCE:
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