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  1. Aerosoft has updated their US Cities X series. I have Chicago, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. I can confirm that all of those are working.
  2. A company called Nuvecta has quietly released a product they call Landclass. It only works with already installed photoscenery. It adds auto gen trees buildings and obstacles, giving a more 3-D effect to photoscenery. Some effort has been made at correct placement of objects. I can confirm it does work with P3d v4.
  3. VoxATC v7.4 has been released. It has some problems recognizing add-on aircraft and some add-on scenery, but works well with P3d v4 default aircraft and airports.
  4. I haven't read all 44 pages (don't see this on the list), but SIM720 has updated their airports. I can confirm KSBA, KAVX, and KCRQ are working. I just flew from one to the next, to the next. I assume their other airports are working too, but I don't own those.