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  1. Already on the wish list.
  2. bguerra77

    real-world Russian Pilots of the Congo

    Nice video, thought i was going to see some precarious flying, but no. Not that much though.
  3. nice, looking good!
  4. bguerra77

    dcs DCS Pilotage

    I will be moving out of the country where I am now and back to my home country, so most likely in the coming months I will not be able to join, but rest assured I will join as soon I'm all setup. Can't wait to fly and blow up stuff with you guys!
  5. bguerra77

    dcs DCS Pilotage

    yes, time zones will definitely be an issue.
  6. bguerra77

    dcs DCS Pilotage

    Nice, i am just starting now, lots of Tutorials and explosions before i can even consider to join, but will be on the look out for this server.
  7. bguerra77

    sales 20% OFF Aerosoft Easter Sale

    Thank you Mr E!
  8. Nice nice airport/location. Good for props and jets.
  9. bguerra77

    aerosoft Aspen XP released

    This airport with the upcoming CitationX for XP, oh good Lord!
  10. Thank you Predrag , no rush
  11. @Mister Predrag , thank you for the great immersion product on the NGX, do you have any estimates for the sound engines upgrade product? Keep up the excellent work in raising the bar on quality products such as your own.
  12. Just to add my two cents on this topic. I bought the v3 version of the a320x back in July 2017, and when the v4 version came out, i used the coupon and upgraded it. From what i have seen the refund is only applicable to those that paid for v4. I don´t agree with this position by FS Labs, but again, i am only one. I am sure more customers feel the same about this and if there is a community effort to take this further i am in. Regardless of v3 or v4 , the malware was installed on my machine. And again, in this world, if trust is gone, where does that leave us? If anyone knows or get´s word of any joint effort, do let me know.
  13. bguerra77

    xplane ASDG working on Cessna Citation X!

    Nice, very nice.
  14. Just saw the first Jonfly video from back in May 2017 on this bird, can someone confirm if the issue present at that time (brakes) is corrected on the V2 ? This might be my daily driver on XP11, who knows. EDIT : i know, after seeing ASDG is working the Citation X, not getting it.
  15. 30% off on both airports. The link is from Simmarket, prices here are cheaper than on MK Studios website. LINK TO SOURCE: http://secure.simmarket.com/mk-studios.mhtml?r=b
  16. Finally, Lisbon is getting the well-deserved attention.
  17. Well, the guys on the video don't seem too bothered by it.
  18. Another great show, hope you guys enjoy. LINK TO SOURCE: