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  1. Hi Omgedson, Funny you said that as many users have requested to increase the intensity of the strobes so they look better on big Jumbo Airplanes, I guess this is the difficulty with lighting solutions where what is optimal for some users is not for others. This is the reason I am developing AI Lights Profesional Edition were users will have full control of the effects, textures, dynamic lighting, etc. for their entire AI Fleet. I will be attending the FSExpo in Vegas in June and there people will have an opportunity to see how this new add-on will work. All the best, Simbol
  2. AI Lights Reborn Free Edition Version 3.3.4 has been released. Change Log: Corrected a minor bug with white navigation lights. Added support for the following recently released FAIB models: Airbus A318 SP2 with NEO Repaints Airbus A319 SP2 with NEO Repaints Airbus A320 SP2 with NEO Repaints Airbus A321 SP2 with NEO Repaints INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: You can uninstall the previous version to install this update or just install the updated version on top of your current installation. To download this version please visit https://www.FSReborn.com Best Regards, Simbol
  3. Hi guys, Just a short message to inform that there is a new version for this freeware (3.3.1), it has just a minor change to support the FAIB 747-8 and 747-8F models. Best Regards, Simbol
  4. Hi thanks for the positive feedback, the plan is to launch during spring next year, however I don't want to promise any dates as what matters the most to me is to release a good product that every user would love. You know how it is, it is better to be late but have an amazing product than rush things and bring disappointments to your users. I am also currently in discussions with Dave Hoges regarding the procedures and quality controls we will use during his beta tests so we can ensure that all end users will receive the best experience possible with the final product. Regarding the price, this would be revealed at a later stage. Best Regards Simbol
  5. Hi Omgedson, Thanks for your kind words, although AI Lights Reborn Profesional Edition is still under development these are some of the features that will be included with the initial release: All features from the free edition plus: Improved Landing lights for AI traffic. Improved Taxi lights for AI traffic. Different strobe lighting patterns for AI models, for example Airbus AI models will have different strobe lights patterns from Boeing AI models as it happens in real world scenarios. Wings strobe lights will operate synchronised by implementing a correction technique that will avoid the ESP engine de-synchronising them over time. Correction to ESP engine wrong AI Lights behaviours such as: Landing and Strobe lights will remain active until the AI model vacates the runway after landing. Taxi Lights will remain active while AI planes are waiting for take off or when they are stopping due to ATC instructions AI Navigation Lights will become active when AI planes are at the gate and the AI model is starting to get ready for its departure (pre-pushback) as real world scenarios Beacon Lights will become active during pushback. AI Lights Calibration and Configuration tool, this will be a user friendly interface which will allow end users to change the AI lights size, AI Lights intensity and other characteristics for the lights used by the user AI models. The tool will also inspect the models light configuration and report back when AI lights have been configured wrong, offering end users the opportunity to correct these, for example Beacon Lights configured as Strobes, Navigation lights configured as Landing lights, etc. Best Regards, Simbol
  6. Hello, Please note a new version of this product has been released to support FAIB new 767 models, please check the change log at https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/520171-products-updates-announcements/ Link to download: https://www.fsreborn.com/ai-lights-reborn-free-edition Best Regards, Simbol
  7. Hello everyone, Just a short message to introduce my Website and future products, I created a freeware for PD3 V4 and PD3 V4.1 that improves the AI Lights the name of the Software is AI Lights Reborn Free edition. Please feel free to download your free copy. LINK TO SOURCE: https://www.fsreborn.com/ Best Regards, Simbol
  8. Hello everyone, AI Lights Reborn Free Edition works with PD3V4.0 and PD3V4.1, you can find more information at www.FSReborn.com I sent a message to the admins about my products so they can be included to the list. Best Regards, Simbol