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  1. Guys: I'm back. Now I've got version 1.4.34 of JoinFS and The SkyPark hub is not active on JoinFS. I can see it on the list if I click on "List offline hubs," and it has an orange color. Bummer! I'm hoping that The Skypark will be available for our Sunday multiplayer flight! Thank you ATB
  2. @Bucnatic60 We talked it over during our recent flight around SoCal, and we all decided to stick with v1.4.20 so we can continue to use SkyPark.
  3. Guys: I've downloaded and installed new versions of JoinFS and JoinFS(TEST) and they don't show the Skypark as a hub. The latest version of JoinFS that shows Skypark as a hub is version 1.4.20. What am I doing wrong? Or, alternatively, why isn't The Skypark available on these later versions of JoinFS? Thank you ATB SOURCE INFO DEVELOPER POST LINK : NEWS SITE ARTICLE LINK :
  4. Guys: I've been downloading all the updates for JoinFS as they've become available. I'm currently on JoinFS (TEST) v 1.4.18. For the last two or three upgrades to JoinFS (TEST), I've found that The Skypark is no longer available in the list of hubs! My buddies and I have been using the TN-Server, as that was just about the only thing available when we got together for our last Sunday MP flight. Will Skypark ever be available for the latest version of JoinFS? Thank you ATB
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