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  1. Big update to version 1.4 \VR (beta) support added Tons of updates The Cessna 172 SP is a four-seat, single engine, high wing, fixed-wing aircraft made by the Cessna Aircraft Company. More Cessna 172s have been built than any other aircraft. Measured by its longevity and popularity, the Cessna 172 is the most successful aircraft in history. Cessna delivered the first production models in 1956. As of 2015, Cessna, and its partners, had built more than 43,000. Play with all the aspects of this aircraft with our unprecedented interactive features and realism. Have a good flight! Screenshots here https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipOmNM51O-xZ8d4WcCBvgFWCW0QhjINqovfjI2iwLX6nGFlgKTbroEzwx4PAXEtPog?key=UXFFZWFsNlJoNEhQaHRNZEVEdkRsYnVXUFF6dnhR and also here https://plus.google.com/photos/118179421914452480091/albums/6268292467969916161 LINK TO SOURCE: http://store.x-plane.org/Cessna-172SP-Skyhawk_p_401.html
  2. Twin Otter V2, rebuilt from the ground up for X-Plane 11 LINK TO SOURCE: http://store.x-plane.org/DHC-6-Twin-Otter-300-Series-v2_p_741.html
  3. Just saw this on Simmarket. Honestly do not know the company but the list of features are quite extensive. LINK TO SOURCE: http://secure.simmarket.com/colimata-fa-18f-x-plane-11.phtml
  4. Following on from their critically acclaimed Arrow III and Turbo Arrow III/IV add-ons for X-Plane 11, this highly detailed simulation of the PA-28-161 Warrior II has been developed by Just Flight's in-house team and Thranda Design following comprehensive, hands-on research with a real-life Warrior II, G-BOZI, based at Conington Airfield. LINK TO SOURCE: https://www.justflight.com/product/pa-28-161-warrior-ii-xplane-11?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Just Flight Just Trains Newsletter - January 2018&utm_content=Just Flight Just Trains Newsletter - January 2018+CID_c167ef5fe422ac59cfe1cf89e2b147e5&utm_source=cm&utm_term=PA-28-161 Warrior II
  5. Following on from their award-winning TB-10 Tobago & TB-20 Trinidad, Hawk T1/A Advanced Trainer and PA-28R Arrow III, this highly detailed simulation of the C152 is being developed by Just Flight's in-house team following comprehensive, hands-on research with a real-life C152, G-BGAE, based at Conington Airfield. LINK TO SOURCE: https://www.justflight.com/product/c152?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Just Flight Just Trains Newsletter - January 2018&utm_content=Just Flight Just Trains Newsletter - January 2018+CID_c167ef5fe422ac59cfe1cf89e2b147e5&utm_source=cm&utm_term=C152
  6. Enjoy authentic carrier ops in this Simworks Studios add-on for FSX and P3D, providing feature-packed models of USS Midway and USS Coral Sea in their Vietnam-era configuration along with a whole fleet of escort ships. Carrier landing physics and other features have been designed to enhance the realism of your landings in any aircraft with a hook and wheels - feel the traps like never before! LINK TO SOURCE: https://www.justflight.com/product/simworks-studios-midway-battlegroup?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Just Flight Just Trains Newsletter - January 2018&utm_content=Just Flight Just Trains Newsletter - January 2018+CID_c167ef5fe422ac59cfe1cf89e2b147e5&utm_source=cm&utm_term=SimWorks Studios Midway Battlegroup
  7. According to the authors all proceeds of this airport will go to "Patitas" animal shelter This version now includes seasonal textures and moving jetways. LINK TO SOURCE: http://secure.simmarket.com/fsxcenery-_ktwf-joslin-field_magic-valley-airport-fsx-p3d.phtml
  8. This turbofan military trainer aircraft is now available in FSX and P3D with the following features Three high detail visual models: S-211, M-311/M-345 demonstrator and M-345 High Efficiency Trainer Prototype High fidelity virtual cockpit. High detail texture sets, based on real aicrafts including prototypes, Philippine Air Force, Singapore Air Force and Frecce Tricolori liveries Realistic flight model closely based on flight manual data. Custom sound package. Configuration manager and weapon functionality (gun pods, rockets and bombs). LINK TO SOURCE: http://secure.simmarket.com/indiafoxtecho-siai-marchetti-s-211_aermacchi-m-345-package-fsx-p3d.phtml
  9. Tenerife South Airport located in the biggest of the Canary islands. Now it's time to experience this in V4! With newest technology used to develop this scenery we achieved stunning level of details keeping great performance and high FPS. LINK TO SOURCE: http://secure.simmarket.com/mk-studios-fuerteventura-2017-p3d4.phtml
  10. For those of you who love to fly over the real ground, Now you can bring your scenery up to the next level. No longer do you have to fly over a barren flat photo of the ground, this new scenery add-ons create a 3D environment on top of the photo real, by adding vegetation/trees, buildings and 3D lighting to the entire scenery, exactly where they go in the realworld, making this as "Realworld" as it can get! -Over 10 million buildings and houses!!! -A full assortment of vegitation covering all types of foliage and seasons LINK TO SOURCE: http://secure.simmarket.com/realworld-scenery-the-netherlands-3d-environment_fsx-p3d.phtml
  11. If you like flying over photoscenery and already have it installed for California, this will add the buildings and houses on top of it! Also includes reworked night lighting. LINK TO SOURCE: http://secure.simmarket.com/realworld-scenery-california-3d-environment-2017-fsx-p3d.phtml
  12. The Simbreeze's Hurghada X V2 package is now updated to P3Dv4. Come and enjoy this Egyptian resort right on the Red Sea. Features: Detailed representation of the airport incl. 2 runways Detailed representation of the resort Hurghada incl sights, hotels and Hurghada Marina Advanced representation of the reefs, Giftun Island and all adjacent islands Advanced representation of the following hotels: Aladin Beach, Conrad Beach, Sunrise Mamlouk Palace Resort, Sunrise Garden Beach, Dana Beach, Desert Rose, Golden 5, Iberotel Aquamarine, Titanic Beach, Melia Pharaoh, Hilton Long Beach, Coral Beach El Gouna incl. Airport (HEGO) included 10.000 qkm created area Contain all airport buildings Contain new terminal IK Jetways SODE Jetways Safegate Docking signs at all gates Excellent night effects Dynamic Lights Realistic runway and taxiway lighting Numerous scenery effects Animated ground traffic Animated 3D people (FSX/P3D) 2 Heliports, one at the airport and one of the Giftun-Island configurator Manual with charts LINK TO SOURCE: http://secure.simmarket.com/simbreeze-hurghada-x-v2-hegn-p3d4.phtml
  13. And I thought us flightsimmers were obsessed... LINK TO SOURCE:
  14. The Chance Vought F4U Corsair is now available in X-Plane 11... Screenshots here https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipOvcK92FTjxY02yGJIinEsAyTbSnvDhn4AWGNLyMPH3p4YrmX3bcCvZu776H1pX7w?key=VE5TUk9MUGVJZDAySDlFNFJ1Z0FIc0ZhOTA4QTJn LINK TO SOURCE: http://store.x-plane.org/Corsair-F4-U-XP11_p_735.html#tab-1
  15. The Land of the Thunder Dragon This scenery package is a replica 3D to the original one, updated to the year 2016. This version is for both X-Plane 11 AND X-Plane 10.50+ This is a super detailed scenery by Cami De Bellis, an X-Plane designer since 2008. Screenshots here https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipPfiIacHsL-kKvYU0flO8dtlD1mQVTUP8rwkmR42G44SocPSelmoV4iqmj29X5f_w?key=clZKTjc1RDZXSzVic29aQU1QTEUtd24xZ0NBQWJB LINK TO SOURCE: http://store.x-plane.org/VQPR-Paro-Intl-Airport-BHUTAN_p_715.html